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100+ steps to a green home

Steps toward a green homeThe green movement is becoming less and less of a movement and more and more of a way of life.  We all want a green home, and there are lots of ways to get there.  We have sorted through the silly, the pointless and the too expensive to get down to the real ways to get a green home.

Taking any number of these steps will help you transform your home into a thriving, environmentally friendly habitat.

  1. Buy Local
  2. Buy Organic
  3. Buy free range/cage-free
  4. Avoid packaging
  5. Do your research on products
  6. Insulate or additionally insulate your home
  7. Drive less
  8. Make your own cleaning products
  9. Wash clothes in cold water
  10. Get a dishwasher
  11. Convert to CFL bulbs from incandescent
  12. Avoid greenwashing
  13. Recycle
  14. Eat less meat
  15. Eat no meat
  16. Reuse instead of buying new
  17. Use Craigslist
  18. Sell that extra car
  19. Ride your bike
  20. Take a staycation
  21. Turn your computer off
  22. Cancel your newspaper delivery and read it online
  23. Offset your carbon footprint
  24. Rake your leaves, don’t blow them
  25. Get a reel mower (and ditch the gas one)
  26. Start composting
  27. Repurpose old things
  28. Shop at garage sales, not stores
  29. Turn down the heat
  30. Turn down (up) the air conditioner
  31. Eliminate phantom energy waste
  32. Use power strips and turn them off at night
  33. Shut doors to unused rooms
  34. Stop printing things you don’t absolutely need
  35. Use coupons
  36. Make a donation to an environmental program
  37. Convert your 2 stroke engines to 4 stroke
  38. Mow your lawn less
  39. Start a flower garden
  40. Grow your own food
  41. Paint instead of renovate
  42. Use low VOC paint
  43. Buy energy star appliances (only when you absolutely need a new appliance)
  44. Don’t buy a hybrid (huh??)
  45. Telecommute
  46. Buy organic dog food
  47. Ditch the paper cups for coffee and bring a mug to work
  48. Dry your clothes on a rack
  49. Dry your clothes on a clothesline
  50. Seal up your home to stop heating (and cooling) the outdoors
  51. Turn your AC completely off (we need heat to survive, we don’t need cold)
  52. Wrap your water heater in one of those silver blanket things
  53. Install a timer on your water heater so you only have hot water when you typically need it or…
  54. Install a tankless (on demand) water heater
  55. Convert to electric hot water and/or heat and…
  56. Install solar panels or…
  57. Install a wind turbine or…
  58. Buy clean energy from your utility provider
  59. Get netflix (instead of driving to Blockbuster) or…
  60. Even better: download your movies
  61. Cancel your junk mail and extra catalogs and magazines (the mail system is incredibly inefficient)
  62. Give gift certificates for birthdays and holidays instead of shipping presents
  63. Give to an environmental charity instead of buying “things”
  64. Only run that dishwasher when full
  65. Use electricity during off-peak demand times whenever possible (avoid mornings and evenings)
  66. Clear off the top of your fridge (both inside and out)
  67. Fill up your freezer (it’s more efficient when full)
  68. Clean your fridge’s rear-end (the coils should be clear of dust and pet hair)
  69. Take the bus
  70. Start or utilize a ride-sharing program
  71. Work four 10 hour days instead of five 8 hour days (cuts your commute waste)
  72. Stop buying bottled water – bring a water bottle of tap water
  73. Buy a filter if you can’t stand the taste
  74. Turn off the TV and…
  75. get some exercise
  76. Turn off those extra lights or…
  77. Install some light timers
  78. Turn off those holiday lights at night
  79. Turn off those fans
  80. Turn down up the refrigerator temperature
  81. Host your website with a green web host
  82. Print with an eco-font
  83. Reuse an older cell phone or…
  84. Buy a used one or…
  85. Stick with the one you’ve got
  86. Read by candlelight (instead of electric light)
  87. Light a fire (in a fireplace or something)
  88. Keep plastics out of the microwave or…
  89. Ditch plastics altogether and switch to glass containers
  90. Bring leftovers, don’t buy your lunch every day
  91. Recycle your metal, even old electrical wire and computers (did you know you could do that??)
  92. Don’t burn yard waste (let it rot… seriously)
  93. Eat less (a lot of a human’s carbon footprint comes from growing, processing, preparing, cooking and *cough* disposing of food waste)
  94. Don’t even think about using paper plates
  95. Drink green wine
  96. Don’t host a progressive party (it’s wasteful to drive lots of people from place to place)
  97. Send an e-vite
  98. Serve and buy seasonal food (can YOUR region grow strawberries in January?!?)
  99. Join a CSA Farm (community sustained agriculture)
  100. Read this blog!
  101. Keep your car instead of upgrading
  102. Shovel snow instead of plowing or snowblowing
  103. Turn the TV OFF (we already said this once but it’s double-important)

Do you have an idea for making a green home?  Post it here as a comment.

This article is CROWD SOURCED! What does that mean?  Our goal is to grow this list, and for each item to have a link to a helpful resource.  For example, if you have a resource for #91, recycling your metal, post it here as a comment and we’ll try to create a link for you.

Sources/Additional Resources:

Image credit: Michèle Turbin, courtesy flickr

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  1. Great listing steps for a green house. Now-a-days all of us need green house to save the environment from pollution.
    A tree will consume 30kgs of pollution in a year. The steps 4 & 13 are important.

    Thank You for these steps!!

  2. We try to do what we can by turning off all the lights when not being used.

  3. I came across this surfing Google

  4. Thanks for the great post!

  5. I enjoyed reading this post about 100+ steps to a green home « Hippie Magazine. Really interesting. I will come back to visit this blog again.

  6. Use low or NO VOC paint.. Yay!!!!

  7. Wow it is amazing how many ways there are to get on the green road. In fact it is quite embarrassing when you look down the list to see how simple some of the things are and yet I have never done them. Well things will be changing in my household and I am loking forward to becoming much greener over the coming months.

  8. Buy and burn soy candles which are all natural and do not pollute your home. Paraffin candles give off toxins such as benzene and toluene.

  9. I didn’t know a dishwasher was more green than washing dishes by hand. What’s the difference if I may ask?

  10. Hi ‘Survival Blanket’ 😉
    This fact assumes you run the water while you wash dishes. If that’s the case, a dishwasher uses less hot water than running the faucet continuously.


  11. Excellent concept. I would like to best work from you in the future as well.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Certainly some great advice. I’ll come back once i’ve tried a number of these things and let you know my results. Namely in terms of how much my energy usage goes down i hope!

    • Hey Park Home,
      Thanks for the comment. We’d love to hear back on how these tips work out for you, and if you have any of your own to add.

  13. Thank you so muc for this 100+ tips to building a green home. A wonderful environmental friendly site that really encourage everyone to go green 🙂

  14. This is indeed a topic which has been ignored by many experts & professionals. Green home is really a great long term steps for a better world to live in. Thanks for this lists.

  15. This has some great stuff. I think you should add eat green tomatoes on there though! 😉 In high School my biology teacher use to ride his bike everyday except for when it was rainy or bitter cold. I thought that was awesome. He was getting a great workout and help out the environment. I would really like to start doing that.

  16. Some of this stuff is so simple I am so mad at my self for not doing it. Thank You

  17. I think 14th and 15th steps are interesting to know,it may sound difficult to many but if you want a positive change then you have to make t his happen.

  18. These are excellent tips for a greener home. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Recycling should be a daily part of your routine. Utilizing separate “trash” cans saves you from sorting later in the week. One of the most important times to recycle, however, is during construction (particularly for a home renovation). Also, don’t forget to buy recycled products. Paper products are a given, but branch out. Today, everything from counter tops and decking to furniture and fabrics can be made from recycled materials, and, due to modern innovations in production, they may be difficult to spot. Don’t forget to shop antique and thrift shops, too.

  20. Stop using Plastic. We are all guilty of breaking out the plastic plates and utensils whenever convenient (barbecues, parties, etc.). Go back to the good old days when we used our dishware. I know, I know it’s so much easier to do cleanup when you just throw out paper plates. But remember, we are trying to save the environment. Isn’t it worth it?
    Remember, the environment that our children and grandchildren will live in can only be as clean as we leave it.

  21. These tips are really great, as it is useful, for me as i am planning to build a greenhouse.

  22. Cut down on your energy consumption by upgrading to new Energy Star-rated appliances and electronics. The organization has placed its blue star of approval on everything from dehumidifiers and refrigerators to ceiling fans and DVD players. Each product is designed to run more efficiently, reducing its “operating cost.” For even better results, remember to unplug all electronics while not in use.

  23. Some highly thoughtful and easy-to-implement green house suggestions. I really liked the intro to your article, “The green movement is becoming less and less of a movement and more and more of a way of life.” I really found this suggestion of yours namely “Turn off those fans”, very ridiculous. How do you expect people in tropical countries to switch their fans in a sweltering summer? Please modify it as “Turn off fans when not in use.”
    Nevertheless, your point has been taken seriously. Thank You.

  24. when choosing to buy a dog house, always choose wood based dog house or if you can afford one, choose steel based.*’

  25. Reduce paper. When printing, use both sides of a piece of paper in order to conserve. Keep a scrap paper pile for misprinted or unnecessary documents to either print on or write on. Try to reuse envelopes as many times as possible to cut down on waste. Also, consider purchasing a mesh or cloth coffee filter as opposed to disposable paper filters.

  26. Living Green means making conscious choices in your lifestyle that not only reduce, but also enhance your impact on the environment. It also means recognizing that each and every action does indeed count. Be aware of what electronics stay plugged in all the time in your home. Plug a power strip into a busy wall outlet and then simply switch off the power strip when you leave home to turn off all of your unused appliances and electronics at once. Leaving things on-like a video game system or a computer not in sleep mode can use up a lot of power.

  27. This 100 steps of green movement is very much helpful to us. As having green environment is really cool and can take away all stress then doing it all are the great ways to make successful.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this informative and useful article to us.

  28. Living green does not necessarily mean going out and buying a hybrid car; you can reduce your energy and gas consumption without having to buy a whole new vehicle by being a conscious driver. Take the bus: While not all cities have extensive subway or train systems, almost all cities do have a bus line. Check the schedule and see if there’s a bus stop by you, and if it goes to work, school, or other places you frequent. Paying a buck or two for bus fare is a lot cheaper than paying two to three bucks for a gallon of gas.

  29. Going green is not our choice anymore, it is our responsibility. That is why it is so important to try and do the small things that can help change the outlook of our planet. In fact, many of the things we can do, we actually already do!

  30. The use of Eco-friendly products as well as materials is witnessing a continuous increase since it helps in reducing pollution and global warming. Therefore, it is the moral responsibility of every individual to contribute towards making their environment healthy and clean. You can make your contribution by using environment-friendly products for renovating or building your home. Not only are these products beneficial to human beings, but also for the environment. If each one of us understands the importance of such products, our planet would definitely become a healthier place to live in. So, it is advisable to use such products for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of the mankind.

  31. It’s a rewarding day for everyone finding the value in “going green” for themselves and embraces eco awareness in their life. The positive impact on the environment is exponential with more and more people seeking eco awareness in their personal lives and in their work.

  32. Great steps, now we just have to convince 95% of the rest of the world to follow these steps and the world might actually go Green!

  33. Live by example. In the past, people lived as they were taught, and in those days, not a lot of consideration was placed on living green. Turn those thoughts around and teach your children how to live green. A benefit to this is a continued commitment to protect the planet and ourselves. Conserving the forests to protect endangered species will enable future generations to view the magnificent species Earth has to offer.

  34. Unfortunately BIG Business especially in some places (US note) will take no heed of green policies..shame on them! Theres an ideal world and a real one..

  35. Living Green means making conscious choices in your lifestyle that not only reduce, but also enhance your impact on the environment. It also means recognizing that each and every action does indeed count. Thank you.

  36. These tips will be reminder for us to take care our motherly nature and make our surroundings clean. Living with a good nature and breath a fresh air is very comfortable and can take away our stress. Its not yet too late to protect our nature from destruction, lets us start that in our own self. Thanks for the informative tips.

  37. Great Article…Amazing how such simple changes to ones lifestyle can have a major impact on our planet. I think our ancestors were just more aware of the environment naturally than we our today in this modern fast-paced world. Great to have posts like these out there in the web!

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