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Charge up on the go with the Yogen

With all of the hype about green and energy efficient mobile chargers out there, its hard to sift through what is fact and what is fiction. And anyway, who has time to wait for the sun to charge their iPod?

The next best thing for impatient eco-conscious folks is the YoGen universal mobile charger. YoGen has introduced the first real energy-saving charger compatible for most mobile devices including iPods, iPhones, digital readers like the Kindel, cell phones, navigation units, PDA’s and more.

The best part? A few tugs on the string of this device charges your mobile unit in a few minutes and lasts as long as a charge from an energy sucking wall charger.

And if that wasn’t enough, the YoGen is mobile, so the next time you find your mobile devices are down on the juice when you’re on top of a mountain, or hiking alone in the woods, pull this light-weight baby out and charge away.

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