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“Green” Land And The Politics of Language

On one major platform, societies are judged by their knowledge, which is clarified and communicated by language, using words which are the framework of this language.

With this as a guideline, one might conclude that if a particular word had many, often disparate meanings, then societal knowledge would suffer, creating confusion and potential chaos.

Chaos? Isn’t that a bit exaggerated?

Perhaps , but certainly relative to one’s personal experience with chaos itself, or perhaps academic study into chaos theories of combustion powerful enough to create solar systems.

Ah, but the word. That particular word. Green, that’s it. Green.

What is the first thing you think about when “green” is mentioned? Is it green technology? Lots of that going around, for quite a while now.

And, green represents the life of nature—-growth, the deep green pasture lands, the wonderful, wondrous green of Sequoia trees in Northern California. The smell of fresh, green pine trees in the Cascade Mountains. The green, green grass of home.

Then, (and now) a Green Party emerged with a real political and social agenda, and ran former Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney for President in 2008. But despite a 25 year history (excluding early efforts from New Zealand) they received a couple hundred thousand votes. That’s it. There are elected Greens, however. In Oregon, for instance, a quick glance of elected Greens gets you a couple of city councilors, a mayor,a school board member, and something else. But they cling to their concept of “green.” No special interests or favoritism. No corporatism. Not enough votes to matter, either.

People tend to tire of symbolic movements.

But, the green movement certainly has a valid and reliable base of support. Down deep, most of us would rather see sustainable energy projects moving forward, and the concept of recycling all products. And a reduction of reliance on fossil fuels.

Most of us understand that our society and the society of other nations have long been viciously polluting our resources—-that which will sustain us. Without it, we die. And yet, the contrived, political argument rages on. If there is a way to salute our collective stupidity, one is surely in the pipeline of production.

But green. That’s a problematic word. Ever know anyone who was “green with envy”? How about “green around the gills”?

Then, there is that nasty notion of green equating to money. “How much green you got tonight”? Greenbacks. And plenty of them. Keep them coming, the financial institutions screamed. “We need 800 billion dollars, or the house is coming down!”

Well, 800 billion later, and the house still may be coming down. We haven’t even been able to settle the first wave of mortgage foreclosures yet, and there are three to four million more set for this year. Then, likely a lot of bad commercial paper. So, this kind of green does not seem to accept the notion of sustainability. The players here simply rely on the Federal Reserve for its printing press. Thirteen trillion in national debt.

Finally, some journalistic notion possibly would be offended without the mention of green as it relates to our country’s latest medicine increasingly accepted as valuable treatment for a number of illnesses.

Yes, cannabis. Marijuana. Green bud.

Some of you older readers will remember early propaganda films like “Reefer Madness.” We have come a long way. Next will come the taxation, however, and in California, it is estimated that close to a billion dollars a year could be raised. It boggles the mind attempting to visualize a pile of marijuana which would generate that kind of income.

All in all, this blog, and all of The Hippie Magazine Network, calls for personal education and actions toward promoting projects which renew themselves. Truly, it is nothing more than common sense. Heat from the sun, power generation from the wind, wave energy. The many uses of water as yet untapped.

We can just say no to the status quo.

In that vein, Hippie Magazine also seeks to report on our fellow citizens who are elected to operate in a sensible and sustainable manner while seeking to keep the country safe. The true green politicians are the ones who seek the same kind of balance which is reflected in Nature. Acting with transparency, and pursuing no agendas other than seeking the best practices and policies for all citizens. No hypocrisy allowed.

Dream on? Maybe, but the grass is only beginning to grow in this arena.

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