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The $672 Electric Car for the Rest of Us

Look, I want an electric car as much as the next guy.  My commute is inside of 25 miles, like 99% of us, so distance isn’t an issue.  Neither is recharging, I live in a very progressive state with a row of electric-car charging stations at my favorite grocery store.  I just can’t swallow the price tag of a new car.  Here is one solution I found that may just be how I spend my next few weekends.


1 Geo Metro

1 Electric forklift

1 Electric motor

a dash of spare parts

a smidge of random batteries

Bake for a few weekends of hard work, and voila!  The result is a medium speed, medium range, cheap-as-heck electric commuter car.  This one was built by 2 DIY’ers in Toronto to get them from point A to point B for little cash, no pollution, no noise.

It’s called: The Forkenswift!

Read more at their website.

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  1. Cool! lol. I really like this. =]

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