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Green-er Beer for St. Patrick’s Day

By Paula Mitchell Bentley

St. Patrick’s day is all about green. Green clothes, silly green hats, green clover and green beer. So, how can you make your green beer even greener??

Go organic! Organic beer uses no pesticides or fertilizers in it’s production. This means there are no pesticides or fertilizers in the beer that you’re about to drink — yummm, tasty chemical beer. Even better, it means that no pesticides and fertilizers were absorbed into the ground used to grow the hops. Chemicals absorbed into the dirt eventually leach down into water sources. Water is one of those natural resources that is totally disregarded until it’s no longer available.

How to make your organic beer green in an eco-conscious way? Check out Sante Essentials or Seelect’s lines of vegan friendly, gluten free, organic food colorings. For the more adventurous, try making your own food coloring! There are several recipes for this online including using blanched spinach or even red onion peels and lemon juice. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

There are also entire lines of organic nachos and salsas, organic pretzels, organic popcorn and organic chips that you can munch on while drinking your green beer. Or, even better, you could make an entire plate of green vegetables and green fruits to go along with the beer. How about celery, broccoli, kiwi, green apple, cucumber, pickle, asparagus, kale, honey dew melon and green peppers? They’d stick with the green theme and be packed with important vitamins and nutrients.

So go out there and get your green on in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and our planet!


Paula Mitchell Bentley is the author of Through Green Colored Glasses, a blog focused on ways to help insure a healthy environment for her two children, and their children.

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