Green Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Green gifts for Mom are best!All a mom wants for Mother’s day is some peace, love and time with her kids.  The typical gifts of flowers, dinner out, chocolates, bath products, cleaning coupons or a day at the spa sure are nice though!  There are some extremely easy ways to “green up” these easy gift ideas to make every hippie mama feel like a spoiled queen on her big day.

Flowers from the heart

Instead of a bouquet of flowers from a florist, why not a handpicked arrangement of wildflowers?  Even small kids can get in on the action and feel included in mommy’s special gift from the heart.  If you’re still stuck in a blanket of snow like me, try planted herbs that can grow on her windowsill.  She’ll surely remember your thoughtfulness everytime she uses the herbs in her cooking!  Potted flowers, bedding plants, potted tomato plants and even trees also make great alternatives to a store bought bouquet.  Another great idea for kids is to make paper flowers out of scrap paper around the house.  Have them write a mushy thought about their mom on each flower.

Locally-sourced dinner

Instead of dinner out, how about dinner in?  You can try a meatless recipe as an eco-friendly menu or perhaps take the 100 mile challenge where all of the ingredients must be sourced within 100 miles of your home.  If you’re not that adventurous, try some free range chicken and an organic green salad.  Make sure that she (and the kids) know why it’s important to eat organic and the difference between free range chicken and the traditional chicken farming methods.  Mother’s day can be a great opportunity to teach your kids about the world we live in and how we should treat it.  Can’t cook at all?  Not to worry.  Research local restaurants looking for their green certification.  There are many search sites online that can help with that.

Organic chocolates

Everyone loves chocolate, right?  Instead of the drug store version that’s been shipped overseas, try an organic or local alternative.  These chocolates will be fresher and have less of a carbon footprint than some of the alternatives that are available.  Luckily, organic chocolate is becoming easier and easier to find in even the most traditional grocery store.  Take her for a tour of a local chocolate factory and make sure you get lots of samples!  This would be an awesome family adventure that everyone would be sure to have a good time at.

Feeling good naturally

Bath products have to be one of the most popular gifts for women.  There are plenty of great options to choose from when shopping for these sorts of products.  Every mall has a least a couple of stores full of handmade, fair trade, all natural bath products.  Feeling crafty?  Look online for lots of easy and fun ways to make your own bath products in the home.  Bath bombs, soaps and linen sprays are all fairly simple to make even with the “help” of a couple of small kids.  You could even sign yourself up with your mom to take a class on how to make natural bath products.

When I was little, we would often make my mom a coupon book for Mother’s day.  She’d receive coupons good for us doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry.  This sort of idea not only frees up mom’s time, it also teaches kids the value of hard work.  Try buying some chemical free cleaners and phosphate free laundry detergents to do the cleaning with.  These sorts of cleaners are generally safer for kids to use and are much safer for our environment.  This can be a good chance to try some different brands of cleaners than you would normally pick up.  Remember, this gift comes with actual cleaning not just cleaning products!

Ahhhh, the spa.  There’s nothing more relaxing!  A massage, facial, mud wrap and steam bath can turn any stressed out mom back into her eco-chic zen self.  Many spas are now popping up around the continent with eco-minded services and products.  Make sure that the gift certificate doesn’t expire quickly causing mom even more stress trying to get there in time.  If mom’s kids are still small, make sure that you think ahead to making sure they are cared for on the day of her spa visit.

It can be both easy and fun to make Mother’s day into a day to cherish mother Earth as well as your own mom/wife/grandmother/aunt.  It just takes a little bit more thought and planning to make her special day as green as Earth day.  Remember that the best gift of all for moms of all kind is a kiss, hug and a big “I love you!”.  Absolutely carbon free.

Image Credit: Jinx!, courtesy Flickr

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