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NASA Shows us the global perspective on the Gulf Oil Spill

gulf-spill-nasaNASA has released time-lapse shots of the gulf oil spill.  Watch the most devastating oil spill in American history unfold in only 2 minutes.  Shocking because it has undone decades of environmental progress and will take 100 years before we will know the Gulf Region the way it was before BP ruined it.

Take a close look at the color.  The oil emerges gray, and quickly turns colors as a result of weathering and toxic dispersing chemicals being liberally used by BP.

If you’re not nauseous yet, take a look at this blatant corporate deceit.  This target demonstrates how the “estimates” of oil spillage changed over time.  What it really shows is how BP was forced to adjust their “estimates” as third party observers got access to more data.  What is shocking is that BP actually thought they could mask the severity of this environmental disaster.

Want an easy step to take?  Sign up to Boycott BP on Facebook.  This may not materialize into anything, but I can certainly pledge to personally never patronize BP again.

NOAA oil chart for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Image credits: NASA, NOAA

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  1. you do know that the BP gas stations aren’t owned by BP right? and by not going to them all you are doing is hurting the owners of that particular gas station. BP supplies many chains with their gas.

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