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Snap Away With A Solar Powered Camera Strap

Solar Camera StrapYou can snap photos all day with a new camera strap powered by the sun.  As Inhabitat puts it, photography is the art of light, so what better way to enter the artistic environment than by powering your art with the sun.

Wired’s Gadget Lab tested the device and came up with one piece of critical feedback.  The strap’s cables connect directly to the batter port, meaning you cannot have a battery in place as a backup.  This isn’t a challenge when in the sun.  However, when those clouds roll out, it’s time to switch to a more reliable power source.

As film has become virtually obsolete with the digital revolution, so soon, will batteries perhaps.

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  1. perhaps it would be more useful to have a solar-powered port for rechargeable batteries? low light is definitely a huge part of photography.

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