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LEDs now come in a new shape: square

Square LED LightbulbEver notice LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are always round?  They emit light in all directions which has been somewhat of a hindrance for some advanced applications.  As we’ve discussed before, LED’s are a major component of the energy conserving consumer plan.

Interestingly, most light sources we have create round light.  Go ahead, look around you and notice the shape.  This is handy for illuminating entire rooms or large spaces.  However as noted by the folks at Green Tech Media, many elements of life are, in fact, square or straight.  Read: desks, roads, paper, etc.

The value in a new product coming from a startup in Austin, TX is that their LED light source creates a square light which will work from a practical and design perspective in more applications.

So what the heck does this mean for the everyday consumer?  A lot actually.  This all boils down to efficiency.  When installed in a typical office environment, a square LED light source will illuminate a work surface with approximately 80% efficiency.  A standard round light source is closer to 30% efficiency.

By increasing the efficiency of millions of light bulbs across the world, the net energy reduction could be significant.  What’s more, by increasing the effectiveness of the light, outputting less lumens, less watt-equivalent while increasing the effectiveness of the lighting translates to less energy consumption.

As if more icing were needed on this cake, the unique shape and construction of this new light will decrease cost of production and packaging, translating to cheaper consumer prices.

This new light, designed by optical communications engineers, promises to vastly improve, if not revolutionize the lighting industry.

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