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Earthships – Building an Off-Grid, Truly Sustainable House

The following two videos give an overview of an Earthship. Earthship biotecture is the product of forty years of research and development into completely self-sufficient housing made entirely from recycled materials.

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  3. Hi Tom, I really got some useful stuff from your video. But unfortunately, your second video was not working on my browser. But I got enthralled about “Earthship” for providing sustainable dwelling places, that too from recycled materials. I was surprised to see the tire homes and the planted trees for food around the houses. Even the electricity from sun, wind and the recycling of water from snow melts, sewage waters for botanical planters are too good to have an eco-friendly environment. I am even happier to inform you all that Earthships could be built anywhere irrespective of the country and climatic conditions too. Thank you all!

    • Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the problem with the second video. I just checked it and it worked for me. If you feel like trying it again, let me know if it works. Earthships has a YouTube channel, so you might check that out as well.

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