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Rockets Make Ozone Holes And Other Eco Myths

Aerosol cansTurns out, a lot of people believe we’re punching holes in the ozone layer every time we launch a rocket.  And those holes are contributing to global warming.  This is actually not true, among a number of other public misconceptions.  Here is a roundup of those myths and a few other nifty eco tidbits.

Aerosol Causes Global Warming

False.  The CFC’s made famous in aerosol cans were banned decades ago.  Aerosol cans use safe(r) propellants now so feel free to spray all day!

We don’t trust weather forecasters or climatologists

Weather men and women are not exactly the most accurate.  At least most people feel that way.  So how can we possibly trust climate scientists to predict the weather of the future when we can’t predict the weather tomorrow?

Walmart Actually Goes Green

Well, slightly green anyway.  Walmart is acting on a promise to purchase more local produce and products and offer training to local farmers.  Now, if we can only cut down the size of those energy sucking stores from 100,000 square feet to 1,000.

Starbucks cuts down waste

They go through 3 billion cups per year.  They will not start offering special recycling containers for these cups.  Providing you finish your to-go cup in the store.

More learning to do

Only 45% of people in a new Yale poll understand that carbon dioxide traps heat from the earth’s surface.

Much more learning to do

Only 50% of people believe global warming is caused by human activities.

It’s not all bad news

An increasing number (63%) believe that global warming is happening.

Read more from the Yale Poll or check out more funky eco happenings over at Grist.org

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