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Top 10 Green Stories (with commentary)

Deepwater Horizon tragedy among the top environmental stories of 2010Top 10 environmental stories for 2010

Grist has released their top 10 green stories of 2010.  They are republished here with my own commentary.

  1. Republicans deny climate change (still).  It seems shocking, but yes, the republicans in Congress are still denying the scientific preponderance of evidence that the climate is warming at a dangerous rate.  This includes both current (outgoing) and incoming congressmen and women.  How can this be after so many of them campaigned with climate change as a major component of their platforms?  It’s politics folks.
  2. The house passed a solid climate change bill and the Senate promptly killed it in their typically cowardly fashion.  They sliced and diced until the bill had no teeth and made no significant improvements.
  3. Bill Clinton cuts out meat and most fish.  Would have been great if his change happened during his presidency, but better late than never.  He has made his dietary change with inspiration from daughter Chelsea and common medical knowledge that meats really don’t help the human body.
  4. Big Oil took a gut punch.  California has the most powerful climate protection law in the nation and Big Oil special interests from Texas tried to kill it.  Californians overwhelmingly told Big OIl to shove it.
  5. China rocks the green energy boom.  They made more solar panels, built more clean energy generation capacity and closed more high-polluting plants than any other country.  Matched with their exploding population, China established the need to match their energy consumption with a commitment to clean energy.
  6. Electric cars hit the market, hard.  Finally, big auto has figured out that we WANT these cars.  It only took 20 years of lobbying their thick heads to give us what we want.  With the Nissan LEAF and Chevy VOLT plugin-in, we have two major competitors.  Now if Chevy can just drop their insulting and patronizing slogan for the VOLT: “It’s more car than electric”.  What the F&%$ is that supposed to mean?
  7. Franzen write a green book that hit big, I guess.  I haven’t heard of it, but Jonathan Franzen wrote a solidly environmental book that addressed issues of overpopulation, climate change and others.
  8. The Mid-Atlantic gets a freakin-huge wind project.  With Google backing them financially, Atlantic Wind Connection will build up to 6,000 MW of electricity to the grid.
  9. Monsanto gets kicked in the junk.  The pathetic excuse for a farm business had to finally admit they created frankenseeds and chemicals that led to the growth of superweeds.  Farmers did not respond well.  Understandably since Monsanto may have single-handedly ruined our agricultural economy in the United States.  Is there a special place in corporate hell reserved for morally ruinous executives?
  10. BP ate it big time.  They spilled millions of barrels of oil into a very fragile ecosystem and dropped the ball on the response.  They spent millions on public relations to convince Americans they were dealing with it while their clean up chief attended a yacht race in Spain.  What a douche.

Big thanks to Grist for providing the basis for this post.


Image credit: John Amos-SkyTruth, courtesy flickr

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