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RePower America Lobbies for Change

RePower America for a sustainable futureIt’s not entirely clear what RePower America does, but they have some big names behind them, including Al Gore, the “father” of the modern war on global warming.  That being said, they are a strong, influential lobbying organization whose aim is to transition America to 100% renewable, clean energy.

Their main tenets are the revamping of our infrastructure, renewable energy capacity and transportation as well as the improvement of energy efficiency in the U.S.

The facilitate events where you can get locally active in the movement.  Also, they organize youth action which is a nice outreach effort on their part.  You can easily find local activities.  For example, in my home state of Vermont there are over 9,300 members.  In a state with barely 600,000 people, that’s kind of a lot for a single membership organization.

Go ahead and join up and see what comes of it.  You can always close your account in the worst case scenario.  In the best, you’ll take some easy, simple action toward a new energy future.

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