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10 World Famous Trees

We love trees – here are some of the world’s most famous

We don’t often think of trees as famous.  Every now and then, one rises above it’s brothers and sisters with a unique distinction.  Either due to celebrity connections, unique life or even a trip to outer space, these trees are famous.  You might even recognize a few of them.

Thanks to the folks at Treehugger that put in some major effort in originally assembling this group.

Lone Cypress
This lone Cypress tree rests on the coast of Pebble Beach and symbolizes the difficulty of the golf course as well as the ruggedness of the coast.
Did Robin Hood seek shelter here?
In Sherwood Forrest, this tree allegedly sheltered Robin Hood. Yea, picture Russell Crowe in one of those branches.
Moon Tree
This tree was brought to the moon as a seed by Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart Roosa. How many people can say they have a moon tree?
Anne Frank Tree
This tree gave Anne Frank hope whilst hiding from the Nazis. A sad and inspiring tree at the same time.
Tree of Life
Named the tree of life, this 400 year old tree is strong with no clear source of water.
Cedars of God
The Cedars of God are actually mentioned in the Bible multiple times. Enough said.
Boab Prison Tree
This 1500 year old tree was reportedly used as a prison at one point.
Drive-through Tree. California Redwood
Trees in California’s Redwood Forests have been carved in such a way that cars can pass through them. Imagine this baby as your front gate.
Meditation Tree
Siddhartha Gautama, founder of Buddhism, stared at this tree for a week as part of his process of enlightenment. Respect.
A self-aware tree
William Jackson loved this tree so much, he granted it independence from ownership. It became self aware in 2011 and will soon rule the world.

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  1. This is a really inspiring post and to see these wonderful ancient specimens is great!

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