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Chevy Volt Available for Rent: Enterprise Rent-A-Car Continues to Lead With Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Chevy Volt avaialable for rent from Enterprise Rent-a-CarHere at Hippie Magazine, we like to cover cool gadgets designed and built by new, visionary companies steeped in the concept of sustainability and environmental awareness. It’s the way of the future, if we hope for a bright one.

But realizing a sustainable future depends just as much, if not more, by old, stodgy big-footed industries like, say, car rental companies.

This is all by way of saying that Enterprise Rent-A-Car has recently announced availability of the Chevy Volt EV for rent. People wouldn’t expect a car rental company to be particularly focused on offering alternative-type vehicles. But Enterprise has consistently shown a commitment to sustainability and alternative vehicle market leadership.

Not the kind of corporate-speak you’d expect from a Hippie, but I’ve had the opportunity to chat on several occasions with members of a team devoted to – dare I say it – corporate responsibility. In particular Lee Broughton, director of corporate sustainability for Enterprise.

From the largest fleet of hybrid and alternative fuel cars to a well-received voluntary carbon offset program, corporate fleet management and ride sharing services,  now to the Chevy Volt EV. Enterprise continues its market leadership.

Enteprise Holdings is actively involved with alternative fuel vehiclesFor now you’ll need to go to Ontario, California to rent a Volt, which you may not want to do, but Enterprise has plans to install charging stations and offer the Volt and other EV vehicles at branch outlets across the country. Being first-movers in the EV market continues in Broughton’s goal of making Enterprise a leader in adoption of new, cleaner technology. EV cars can travel up to 379 for extended capacity version, or 100 miles more typically, making the EV particularly well-suited to urban, commuter driver.

The next locations for EV charging stations is Washington, Oregon, Tennessee and Arizona.

“We will continue to integrate new, clean fuel and engine technologies into our fleet to promote new alternatives like the Volt and help them become commercially viable,” says Broughton. “Making EVs available through our network of Enterprise locations provides an opportunity for customers to try them out for consideration through an extended test drive.”

Visit Enterprise Holdings Driving Futures to find out more.



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