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Ford Brings More EVs to Market

Electric vehicles become more mainstream

Ford's EV utility vehicleThere’s more than just the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt as all-electric options for your next car.  Ford, one of my favorite auto makers (because they didn’t take government bail-out money), is planning to triple it’s electric vehicle production going into 2013.

Offering more options translates to better deals for consumers.  Ford will begin rolling out more than 100,000 units in 2013, more than tripling it’s current output.  More models are coming too.  Ford plans to sell the Focus Electric, an all-electric version of it’s popular compact car.  It will also produce the Transit Connect Electric Van, a great option for small businesses that previously had no super-clean options.  Thirdly, it will offer a C-Max vehicle that comes with two drive options, an all-electric and a hybrid.  Lastly, it will offer a new hybrid model, not yet known.  Can you say F-150 maybe?  They recently scrapped their plans to offer a clean diesel in their smallest (full-size) truck line.  I’d buy an electric truck that was made commercially.

If there is no overall increase in production numbers, these new numbers represent 5% of Ford’s overall lineup as being electric or partial electric drivetrains.  That’s not a huge amount, but a significant portion of a growing company.

I’m particularly excited by the Transit vans.  Small businesses need an option for their micro transit needs, and they previously had some hard-to-come-by diesel vans, and dirty gas delivery vans.  With these things running around our cities, America would start to look a little more European… in a good way.

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