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Stomaching the Dangers of Non-Organic Crops

Guest post by Becca Ozard

It's not just about the nutrition that is in organic food, but about the chemicals that is in non-organic foodThere are many reasons to eat organic or locally grown crops; however some people don’t know about the many dangers of consuming non-organic crops.

Pesticides are one of the main dangers of non-organic crops. These harmful chemicals used to ward off bugs can have serious long-term effects on one’s health. Some issues can be as harmful as respiratory problems, some Cancers and in some cases can lead to bleeding gums.

Non-Organic crops are also lacking in vitamins and minerals. They have lower levels of a person’s daily dose of nutrients, such as Vitamins A, B, and C. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce gum inflammation, promote healing, and reduce the effects of bleeding gums and the development of gum disease.  Gum bleeding can lead to Scurvy, a severe deficiency in vitamin C. Untreated, this disease can lead to teeth losing and eventual falling out. This can all be avoided by eating natural organic crops, which are packed full of vitamin C.

One of the main dangers with eating non organic crops is the soil is supplemented with chemicals and growth hormones that speed up the ripening process. The result is faster growing crop; however, since the food didn’t have the proper time to grow naturally, it may be lacking in their full nutrients.

One shouldn’t just consider what isn’t in non-organic crops, but what is in them. How does sewage sludge sound? There was a time when this kind of “fertilizer” was seen as a good thing, but when it is mixed with chemical waste and other harmful additives, the result can be harmful to the human body.

Some crops are even exposed to radiation. The process known as irradiation in which spices are exposed to radiation to help reduce the risk of bacteria and microorganisms. The concern with that is radiation is poisonous to the body and can lead to many health issues down the road.

Although non-organic vegetables are less expensive, one’s health shouldn’t pay the price when it comes to a budget. A person can buy a new car, and house, but they can’t go out and buy a fresh bill of health. When all is said in done, isn’t health worth it?


Becca is a freelance writer and contributes to a number of blogs; including those to do with technology, cosmetic dentistry and health. Check out her Twitter at @HealthyBecca

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