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National Clean Energy Summit – Live Streaming

Watch live streaming video from nationalcleanenergysummit at livestream.com

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  1. plastic waste has become a serious pollution problem at the moment.

  2. This is a great little site for people like myself who are looking to learn about being greener. Climate changes, which really interests and scares me plus so much more, is all here. I love the detergent posts as I am totally against animal testing and poisoning our world with chemicals. As I learn more, I pass it on to my children. I think that educating our children on these issues is a must if we are ever to have a truly greener planet. I shall be bookmarking your site because I have found it so interesting and helpful. Thank you so much for building it.

    • I’d suggest starting out on the free wordpress platform and get your feet wet by just experimenting with it and writing as much as you can. WordPress is an easy platform to start with, but a you can experience you can make your site more sophisticated.

      But the main thing is to write and work on developing your own voice.

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