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Supplement Your Boiler with Solar Power

Guest post by Jag Ture 

Energy savings from biomass boilersWhile no one is quite ready to say that gas boilers are history and renewable sources should be the only source of heat for your home, perhaps two products from Baxi boilers or Potterton boilers can be used in conjunction to provide the best result.  There are various solutions using renewable energy that are ready to be deployed in your home to reduce your carbon footprint and in the long run save money.

At Ecobuild 2012, Baxi Boilers focus was still on showcasing their range of combi boilers which focus on efficiency to provide the ideal solution for home heating.  However they also debuted a number of solar powered products with the idea being that when used in conjunction with the main boiler, a household could save more than 50% of its energy costs.  Solar panels do not consume any fuel to operate, taking their energy from the sun, however in the UK we are not always guaranteed enough light to fuel our homes by solar power alone.  Another similar solution is a ground sourced heat pump which takes energy from deep in the ground to be used as heat in the home.  The performance of a heat pump is also not quite enough to support a home on its own, however it can be used in conjunction with a gas boiler to reduce gas consumption.

A solution which could entirely replace the gas boiler with a more renewable source is the Biomass boiler, which uses agricultural and industrial waste and residues to produce heat.  The energy sources burned are part of the natural carbon cycle, and while there are still pollutants that arise from its use, it is still friendlier to the environment than fossil fuels.

Energy firm Anesco is planning to use the government’s renewable heat initiative to encourage businesses to take up the use of biomass heaters on a wide scale.  The plan is to provide the installations free of charge to participating businesses and then recoup the money from the government, rather than the businesses seeking the grants themselves.  Anesco is targeting small to medium sized businesses which have a lot of heating costs from their business, for instance schools or hospitals.

Biomass boilers have a high one-off cost, often take up a lot of space and require a supply of timber, which currently make them less practical for average homes than they are for businesses. However there are plenty of options to make your home more environmentally friendly without replacing your existing boiler, so there is no excuse to not make a positive step towards lowering your carbon footprint and saving yourself money in the long run.


Jag is a member of the digital marketing team at London based PPC Agency Cayenne Red. She regularly writes about lifestyle, home improvement and fashion.

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