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The Brits and Their Tea: Infographic – Tea Consumption in the UK

Yes, that title is accurate – those Brits and their obsession with drinking tea and coffee generates almost 4.5 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each and every year. If you want to know just how heavy that is, the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, weighs about half a billion tonnes when it is empty of people and it’s over over 800 metres tall. So just imagine 9 of those next to each other and you’ll understand just how big of an issue hot drinks can be.

The following infographic shows this quite beautifully and is provided by Steve Waller, a green blogger from the UK (hence the focus on tea). Steve has shown how a relatively small reduction in the number of cups consumed can make a big difference to the size of the resulting carbon footprint. In fact, when compared to the number of car miles you can save, it is really amazing to see the impact of something as small and as simple as a cup of tea. It really makes you think doesn’t it?

A look at tea consumption in the UK


Steve Waller is a green blogger from the UK and has a passion for sustainable living. He likes to show people just how easy it is to make a meaningful difference to the environment. He kindly provided this infographic for republication but you can see the original (and his own commentary) on his blog.


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