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Organic Gardening: Kid Tested, Mother (Nature) Approved

Guest Post by Tiffany Graham

Now is the time to get the garden ready for spring!Fall is settling in and winter will soon follow with its chilly days and snowfall, so gardening isn’t this first thing on your mind. After winter travels, Holiday parties, and Christmas gifts, those new roses you’re wanting to put in are on the back burner for now. Keeping the kids occupied during winter break, like any time off, is a tough task. Plan ahead for the spring and get them involved in greenthumbing their way to a colorful garden.

Adding these gorgeous flowers to any garden will bring pleasure while watching them grow and mature into brightness during the spring and summer months.

African Daisy

Want an extra splash of sunlight? Then planting African Daisies with their eye-catching colors of yellow and orange will be sure to bring vibrancy to any garden. These flowers are drought tolerant and can endure hot climates. With a little rain or watering it will break out into gorgeous blooms with a formed mound of greenery sitting beneath it. Landscaped along borders, beside decks, patios or in containers will bring an element of beauty up close to enjoy.

Bachelor’s Button or Coneflower

Above the sparse long grayish green leaves and skinny stem, a fluffy flower stands out. Bachelor Buttons come in an array of pink, red, white and deep blue. It grows from one to three feet, thrives in full sun and survives in most soils. Plant seeds of the species with different colors after the first frost to have a mirage of bursting summer brightness.


An easy-growing, quick-sprouting flower, that’s also colorful and perky, Cosmos will bloom in just a few weeks. Pink, red, yellow, orange, purple– this flower runs the gamut of color. This is a great starter flower for the little ones and the fact that they’re simple flowers to grow that take little care will boost your child’s self-esteem by growing a successful flower.

Lamb’s Ear or Silver Carpet

Lamb’s Ear is a wonderful plant that lends itself to all types of interest from children and adults. It has silvery leaves with a hint of gray that feel velvety. Sometimes they are referred to as furry. Even though Lamb’s Ear is enjoyed mainly for their unique characteristics of its foliage, this perennial does have white or pinkish purple flowers that blossom from a spike type stem. When blooming, its height can reach up to 18 inches tall.


With a fluffy bloom that comes mostly in shades of orange, red, yellow and brown, this plant is very adaptable to its climate. It is derived from the Daisy family and likes full sun exposure. It does need some watering during the hot summer months or during droughts. Marigolds are perfect as bouquets and bundles, adding a touch of color in any room of your house.

Keep It Simple

Flowers take time to grow, so be it children or parents, gardening takes some time. Learning patience is key in giving your soon-to-be colorful garden the right care and attention. Keep your garden a reasonable size; about six by ten feet, suggests Organic Gardening. Kids love to water flowers, but make sure they’re not drowning those babies.


Tiffany Graham Tiffany is a writer who is passionate about sustainable living. She is a design consultant who helps homeowners incorporate “green” living into their daily lives.

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