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The Best Eco-Friendly Products on the Market

Mushroom GreenZeroThe International Consumer Electronics Show is an event that is held every year, and it showcases the latest and greatest technological advances. The following five products stood out for their “green” factor, as well as their uniqueness and usefulness.

Bracketron’s travel charger

The Mushroom GreenZero is perfect for cell phone users who neglect to take their phone charger out of the electrical socket when they are finished using it. Instead of wasting energy, the Mushroom GreenZero can tell when your battery is fully charged and shuts itself off, no longer drawing electricity. This product retails for just under $30.00, and it has a USB port as well as a cord winder.

Switch’s LED bulb

Stamped with the Consumer Electronics Show’s “Best of Innovations” award, the SWITCH 3-Way is revolutionizing the LED bulb. Giving off the same type of glow as an incandescent product, the 3-Way burns about 80 percent less power than its counterpart. SWITCH is known for its LQD Cooling System, and the 3-Way incorporates this liquid silicone coolant as well. The LED bulb retails for approximately $60.00.

LG’s Smart TV

Televisions featuring the latest technology always attract a lot of attention, and that is certainly the case at the Consumer Electronics Show as well. At 55”, the LED Cinema 3D Smart TV from LG was created with recycled parts and incorporates a new technology designed to minimize the amount of power being expended. It features lights off viewing and the capability to play music even when it is turned off. The product retails for approximately $1,700.

Mpowered’s solar lantern

The Luci Micro Solar Lantern has three different light settings, including a low, high and emergency option. Featuring LED technology, the lantern is water resistant, collapsible and can be used in the rain, sleet or snow. Since it can maintain its charge for approximately 12 weeks at a time, it is convenient to carry around and is a great product for anyone who works long hours outdoors, like Memphis pest control technicians. The solar lantern retails for about $16.00.

Goal Zero’s solar power generator

Natural disasters like hurricanes and tornados often leave people without power for significant periods of time, making generators a necessity in many states. However, gas generators take up too much space and are far from being environmentally friendly. Goal Zero’s Yeti 150, however, is a solar powered generator that weighs only 12 pounds. It can keep the lights on for more than two days and comes with a solar panels that enables it to charge in about 15 hours. This product retails for $400.

It is not always easy to find reliable, environmentally friendly products. The five items listed above are great options if you are interested in living a “greener” life.

Image Credit: OSUNGO

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