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Infographic: 10 Ways to Improve Our Green Cities

Green Cities infographic
While often times we associate the environmental movement with open landscapes and vast swaths of rural land, a tremendous amount of environmental change is taking place right here in our cities.

Cities offer many opportunities for testing out sustainable living practices because the close proximity of so many individuals makes innovative transportation and housing solutions possible. While new progress is happening all the time, many have looked at existing city structures designed for one purpose, and devised ways in which they can be retrofitted to be environmentally friendly. What was formerly just blacktop on top of a building has the potential to become a green roof. The concrete divider in between two parking spaces can be recast as a charging station for electric vehicles. Whether you’re an urban resident seeking to change the way you live, or just curious about the pace of change in cities, check out these ten ways to make them greener.

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