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Eco Friendly Companies Enjoy Many Positive Returns

Eco friendly businesses find good returns both economically and environmentallyThe primary effect of becoming an eco-friendly business is the obvious one – it helps to sustain our environment, and we’ve only got the one.

But researchers are now finding even more positive outcomes for businesses that decide to become green friendly.

For example, a 2012 study by professors at the University of California Los Angeles and the University Paris-Dauphine examined employees at more than 5,000 French companies. The study measured employee productivity by taking a company’s revenue minus expenses and then dividing by the number of employees.

What they found is that employees at “green companies” – those that follow eco-friendly practices – were on average 16 times more productive than workers in companies with no green initiatives. Why? The researchers theorized it is because green companies often promote positive employee relations in a cooperative environment. The fact that green companies also are a draw for investors also could be a factor in high productivity, according to the researchers, as reported in Business News Daily.

Tips for Making Eco-Friendly Work Environments

In order to become an eco-friendly company, there are many different practices to implement that will help make the workplace greener.

Some of those eco-friendly tips for businesses are listed below.

Use less paper.  Cutting down on paper used in an office is a direct, powerful method to help the environment. The first step is for top executives to commit to the plan and then to communicate it to employees. Have them get together to brainstorm the best ideas for reducing waste – paperless presentations, for example, or banning paper from meetings. This initiative coupled with a recycling program can make a big impact on an office’s environmental friendliness.

Recycle and upcycle. Rather than simply tossing out old equipment, offices should always place old computers, printers and other equipment into the recycling stream. Also, when looking to get new equipment, companies should first look to upcycled goods – older equipment that has been refurbished. This can not only save on costs but also on the impact of manufacturing new equipment.

Form partnerships with other green businesses. Nothing promotes green quite like giving your resources and money to companies that promote eco-friendly practices. The Greener Ideal blog points out that green companies should hire eco-friendly pest control companies, for example.

Carpooling and telecommuting. Some companies will allow employees to work from home at least part of the week. An estimated 5 million Americans telecommute, saving about 10 million barrels of oil every year, according to a study by The Mobility Choice Coalition. If telecommuting is not allowed, offices should encourage carpooling among employees, another move that can save millions each year.

Hit the off switch. Office workers should make a point of turning off unused equipment and lights during off hours. Also, offices with windows can use natural light rather than fluorescent lighting when possible.

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