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Stylishly Greening Your Home With Wood

By Morris Buchanan

Eco-friendly wood can be a great building material for floors and blindsMajor home essentials like floors and windows, can doubly serve as accessories that decorate and enhance interior spaces. While envisioning the design and decor of your home, keep in mind the beauty and eco-friendliness of wood. Certain wood products, even for home projects, can positively affect the environment in the following ways.

Wood & The Environment

Whether wood harvesting harms the environment or wood products are a green material is an ongoing debate. For one, wood is naturally susceptible to damage from animals, insects and rotting, which is why hazardous chemical preservatives are applied to combat those vulnerabilities, explains EnviroLiteracy.org. Also, environmentalists believe that “standard wood harvesting practices” put the health of forests at risk, thus worsening the effects of global warming. Of course, there are always two sides to a debate — wood products may actually live a greener life than alternative materials in the following ways:

  • Energy consumption: Compared to wooden poles, the lifetime energy consumption of steel poles is four times higher. Conclusively, wood products use less energy.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions: During the wood harvesting process, the energy used consists of renewable resources. The Environmental Literacy Council adds that by replanting trees, carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere because they use it to grow. Carbon is still not released from trees until it decays or burns.
  • Alternatives: As wood alternatives, products made of concrete, steel and aluminum can contribute to emissions. And plastic and steel processing use fossil fuel energy and non-renewable resources.

Not only can wood be an eco-friendly household material, it’s also stylish. Green your interior-design theme with eye-catching wooden accents, such as hardwood flooring and wood blinds.

Hardwood Flooring

Upgrading to hardwood flooring not only helps reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, but it creates a distinct and rustic appearance. Distressed or hand-scraped wood in cherry, maple or oak from Armstrong.com can dramatically enhance the look of an interior space. For an elegant and earthy appearance, make a statement with cherry hardwood in cinnamon mist or chocolate frost stain. Maple hardwood in winter neutral or toasted almond brightens a space and complements natural sunlight streaming through a large bay window.

Window Treatments

Adorn your windows with wood blinds for an effortlessly chic appearance. Made from natural American basswoods and more than 35 exclusive eco-friendly materials, The Shade Store’s collection of wooden blinds will stylishly enhance your living room or bedroom. Keep your design neutral with blinds in snow, gold or pine. To complement bold decor, go for rich hues, such as tiger eye, cherry wood or ebony. Wooden blinds are sleek enough to independently make an aesthetic statement. Install exotic wood blinds in zebrano or laminated wood in teak, and you don’t even have to worry about drapery.


Morris studied interior design and hopes to open his own studio someday soon. In the meantime, hes content writing about fashion and design

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