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Net Zero Home: An Affordable Green Option for Homeowners

There is a new competitor for certified green homes in Utah, known as Net Zero certified homes. Zero Home, the first of these eco-friendly Utah residences, is totally green, energy efficient and completely certified.

What Makes Zero Home Unique?

Save money and resources with a net zero homeWith amenities such as geothermal heating, special green-conscious insulation, special cooling and heating units, and solar technologies, many green homes are popping up all over the country. Zero Home, however, takes things just a few steps further.

If you simply look at it quickly, it is difficult to see what sets Zero Home apart from all the rest. However, a more in-depth examination tells a different story. Zero Home has heating and cooling units in and around the property, numerous solar panels on the roof, and a number of other features that will make any environmentally conscious homeowner happy. There is even an outlet in the garage, specifically designed for an electric car. Best of all, it is functional, practical, affordable, and energy efficient!

Why Purchase a Net Zero Home?

The competition for new homes is fierce, and many contractors who build energy efficient properties have been established for a number of years. While there are small differences between them all, the end result is typically the same; the buyer receives a green property built to their specifications, but it comes at a substantial cost.

The price for these homes is high, primarily because interested homeowners generally have to work with a custom builder. It is not unusual for someone to spend close to a million dollars, or more, to get the green home of their dreams. That high price tag means that many other environmentally conscious individuals, who would like to have a green home, are excluded from the buying process.

However, Net Zero homes are affordable. Designed to be reproduced on a vast scale, again and again, the price tag associated with these green homes is similar to a purely conventional home. While all the extra features do raise the price somewhat, it doesn’t get out of control because there is no custom builder involved. And, because these homes are so energy efficient, they can save the homeowner money over time.

Net Zero Homes, with their new mass produced certified green homes line, is the newest wave of the future in affordable green, energy efficient homes. It may soon be possible to find these green properties in other areas across the country as well, like in the Glen Head real estate market. One thing, however, is certain: with their functional and sleek designs, awesome energy efficiency, and other various amenities, Net Zero homes stand head and shoulders above their competition.

Image Credit: Green Energy Futures, courtesy flickr

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