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Eco News Roundup: Extroverts and Green; Eating Smart; Floor Tiles Produce Energy; Green Lit; Open Space and Brain Development

Extroverts Are Found Least Likely To Be \'Living Green,\' New Study Says

Extroverts Are Found Least Likely To Be ‘Living Green,’ New Study Says

Extroverts were found to be the least likely group to adopt a green lifestyle in a new study. Extroverts are the least likely to adopt a green lifestyle, according to new research from the University of Portsmouth Business School.The study examined people over the age of 50 to try and see if personality type affects how green a person actually is. The results concluded that those who had “open” personalities were the most green and extroverts were the least. The study’s findings, published in the journal Futures, by study authors Sianne Gordon-Wilson and Pratik Modi, call for greater attempts by government and advertisers to step up green education for aging people. […]

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Our Food FootpringLIVING GREEN: Our food footprint: Eating smart – and softly

When I was growing up, it seemed pretty easy to eat healthily: Eat your veggies, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and an egg a day was OK.

Attending a Climate Change Changes Me hosted talk by Earthsave Canada, however, revealed that the largest part of our ecological footprint (the amount of natural resources an individual, community, or country consumes in a given year) is what we eat: our “food footprint.”

Having been given the inspiring cookbook Meatless Mondays a few years ago, I thought all I really needed to do was eat less meat.

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Floor tiles that produce energy with every step‘We dreamed up floor tiles that generate energy with every step’: Could you come up with a green start-up idea and get a £5k helping hand?

How many steps do all the people in a city take each day? That may sound like a question from a weird job interview but one entrepreneur believes it could actually be the key to the future of green energy.

Laurence Kemball-Cook’s renewable energy brainchild Pavegen has created floor tiles that generate energy when people step on them. They have been installed in parts of Heathrow airport and the giant Westfield shopping centre and now he wants to spread them around cities across the world.

His company is part of a boom in environmentally-friendly start-ups, as the world attempts to come up with alternative energy solutions.

Green lit: Taking green living to heartGreen lit: Ben Vaughn talks going green in heart and home

In the entertainment industry, a project has been green lit when it has been approved by the powers that be to move forward past an idea to a reality be it a feature film, TV show, album or literary work.

In our current day and age, “green” has come to have a very different meaning, referring to humanity’s attempt to diminish or limit its carbon footprint(s).

I am aware that families are now attempting to become “green lit” in their own way, moving forward to find sustainable ways to provide for their needs while limiting the impact of those needs on the environment.

Green spaces help child brain development - image credit: Capture Queen, courtesy flcikr‘Green Space’ at School May Help Kids Learn

MONDAY, June 15, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Children’s thinking skills may develop faster if they encounter “green space” such as parks and woods in their day-to-day lives, a new study suggests.

Green space at school, in particular, was linked to improved brain development among schoolchildren in Spain.

“Children at schools with more green space around them, such as trees, shrubs and grass, have a better brain development than children at schools with less green space,” said study co-author Mark Nieuwenhuijsen of the Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona.

“It is important to have green space within and around the school grounds for better brain development,” he added.

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