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5 Tips for a More Energy Efficient Home

Making your home more energy efficient just makes sense

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days. Stable energy prices are likely a thing of the past. In times of economic uncertainty, fluctuating utility bills are an ever greater burden. Not only are people concerned about their bills, but they’re also concerned about their carbon footprint and ensuring that Mother Earth, as we’ve known her for the past 10,000+ years, is around for future generations. If you want to make your home more energy efficient, here are five tips you should follow.

Replace old appliances

Old appliances are one of the biggest sources of energy in the home. From the refrigerator and stove to the washer and dryer, they seem to make the meter spin round and round. New energy efficient units can make a big impact on the electric bill. Look for the Energy Star logo. With the average household spending over $2,000 a year in utilities, replacing these old units can save up to 30 percent. Who couldn’t use an extra $600 per year?

Switch light bulbs to CFL’s

Compared to a regular light bulb, a CFL will last for an amazing 10,000 hours. The cost to run this bulb is just 8¢ per kilowatt hour, which equates to a cost of $10.4 for the life of the bulb. These bulbs are 75 percent more energy efficient than the standard bulbs. They cost a bit more upfront, but they save you in the long run. The cost per kilowatt hour for a regular bulb is 15¢.

Service or replace HVAC units

If you’re tired of paying for costly repairs, it may be time to replace the HVAC unit. If a unit is beyond 10-15 years of age, it’s well beyond its life expectancy. Perhaps your unit isn’t that old. Just having the unit serviced and cleaned, as well as adding a new filter can make a huge difference. These units are the biggest source of energy consumed in the home. You can save almost $100 a year just from a maintenance session.

Replace Old Drafty Doors

Did you know that your windows and doors can be a big cost of energy? If you have an older home, you may need to replace it with one that fits better and keeps out all those drafts. Air leaks can cause the furnace to run longer, which only raises your bills and makes your carbon footprint bigger. Those new doors can pay for themselves in savings. There are a number of beautiful options that can improve the look and function of your home. One great example is Fas Windows and Doors.

Replace The Hot Water Heater

The hot water heater takes a great deal of energy to keep that water at a constant temperature. Simply turning down the dial a bit can make a dramatic impact on your utility bills. However, if you are in the market for a new heater, why not try a tankless system? These are often called hot-water-on-demand because they only heat what is being used. The system will more than pay for itself in just a few years.

These are just a few ways to make your home more efficient. Simple steps like these can help you save on your utility bills, as well as improve the look of your home.

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