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Wangari Maathai: A Seed of Hope that Grew

Special feature by Rosie MacLeod ‘The environment is the water we drink, the air we breathe. We cannot live without it.’ – Wangari Maathai. [1]   When questioned about the documentation of history and knowledge, Margaret Atwood famously described the past as ‘largely made of paper’[2] and the librarians and archivists as its ‘guardians’.[3] However, if you went to rural Kenya, you would see that the past, present and future is composed of and dependent on trees. Its guardian, responsible for planting 51 million of these, is Wangari Maathai (1940-2011). She described her tree planting revolution as ‘planting…a legacy for our children as our ancestors left us.’[4] How would you react if you could see the beautiful countryside in which you …

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Hate Groups and Wal-Mart: How the Two Are Connected

What is the correlation between Walmart and hate groups

Hate groups continue to increase in numbers throughout the US - one unusual variable has come to the forefront of why: large retail establishments, like Wal-Mart.

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RePower America Lobbies for Change

RePower America for a sustainable future

It’s not entirely clear what RePower America does, but they have some big names behind them, including Al Gore, the “father” of the modern war on global warming.  That being said, they are a strong, influential lobbying organization whose aim is to transition America to 100% renewable, clean energy. Their main tenets are the revamping of our infrastructure, renewable energy capacity and transportation as well as the improvement of energy efficiency in the U.S. The facilitate events where you can get locally active in the movement.  Also, they organize youth action which is a nice outreach effort on their part.  You can easily find local activities.  For example, in my home state of Vermont there are over 9,300 members.  In …

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NASA Shows us the global perspective on the Gulf Oil Spill

NASA has released time-lapse shots of the gulf oil spill.  Watch the most devastating oil spill in American history unfold in only 2 minutes.  Shocking because it has undone decades of environmental progress and will take 100 years before we will know the Gulf Region the way it was before BP ruined it. Take a close look at the color.  The oil emerges gray, and quickly turns colors as a result of weathering and toxic dispersing chemicals being liberally used by BP. If you’re not nauseous yet, take a look at this blatant corporate deceit.  This target demonstrates how the “estimates” of oil spillage changed over time.  What it really shows is how BP was forced to adjust their “estimates” …

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Save the Poles Expedition: Journey to Ends of Earth Documents Climate Change

Eric Larsen in action

Eric Larson can't just read about climate change, he meets the battle on the front lines. Read about Larson's Save the Poles Expedition.

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