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Easy Ways to Save Energy at Work

By Karen Canas Saving energy isn’t always about huge changes. You don’t have to be a city planner or engineer installing a hydrodelectric dam to make a big difference in energy consumption. One of the best ways you can be a smart energy user is to take your regular practices to work. Whether you work in an office building, a school or an industrial power plant, chances are good you can make changes and get your co-workers on the bandwagon to conserve energy like never before. Taking the time to make a few small changes in your workplace can make a huge difference in the long run, ElectricCompanies.com reports. Recycling Recycling plays a huge role in developing sustainable cities, towns and …

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Save Money and Help the Environment: Learn How to Slay Energy Vampires

By Kathy Montgomery From the nearest cineplex to the pages of a classic bodice ripper, the undead are all the rage these days. But bet you didn’t know there are vampires lurking in your home at this very moment. We don’t mean the garlic-fearing, casket-dwelling, “I vant to suck your blood” variety, but we do mean something as equally insidious, at least when it comes to your monthly electric bill: energy vampires. These are appliances that draw power 24 hours a day, even when you think they’re not in use. And while you can’t kill them with a stake to the heart, there are other ways to save money and safeguard the planet. Stealing Your Energy While leaving your cell …

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Modernizing Your Home: Five Ways to Make Your Home More Green

Greening your home in five simple steps

By Kandace Heller As more people embrace a green lifestyle, they are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient. Fortunately, there are several ways a homeowner can improve the energy efficiency of his house. By using the latest green technologies, you can reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. In some cases, you can even get tax credits or rebates for making such home improvements. Replace old windows In older homes, there are often air leaks around the windows. Older windows are also often single pane glass. By replacing all the windows in your home with new Energy Star rated windows, you keep your home more comfortable while lowering your energy bills. You can get double or …

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Hummingbird Conservation

Climate change and habitat destruction make vital and effort for hummingbird conservation

Feature post by Ernie Allison The fact that hummingbirds are the smallest birds on the planet which is probably why many people don’t even consider them when they think of where to focus their conservation efforts. Fact of the matter is that, despite their small size, hummingbirds have a huge impact on the ecosystem and no other creature could fill their unique niche. In line with the bees, hummingbirds are some of the most efficient natural pollinators and insect control forces around. Because of this, it’s important for us to make sure that we keep them around by helping out in our conservation efforts. Challenges Hummingbirds Face Hummingbirds have so many natural predators, more than most other birds, that the last …

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Saving Green by Going Green at Home

Tips for greening your home and saving money and resources

Guest post by Jared Diamond The philosophy behind green energy is very basic: leave as small a carbon footprint behind as possible. Green energy strategies are not just the use of alternative sources, but also practical use of what is already there. It will be some time before fossil fuel is totally replaced and carbon emissions will still occur. At the same time, it is doubtful that the cost of using fossil fuel is going to go down in the years ahead. A cost-conscious homeowner is willing to look at means of using as little fossil fuel based energy in the home as possible, if for no other reason than to maintain a sensible family budget. Homeowners may cringe at the thought of installing green …

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Environmentalist Focus, Deep Versus Shallow Ecology

Deep Ecology

  Guest post by Emma Waight Within the theory of environmentalism are varying extremes in points of view.  In his book, Nested Ecology, Edward Wimberley (2009) argues that the fundamental concern of humans towards environmental ecology is that the environment must continue to remain sustainable for the good of the human species.  Wimberley states that “this is a subtle but important feature informing most environmental philosophies”.  This argument therefore suggests that as a species, we care more about the future viability of humankind and human culture on Earth, than that of the natural world which existed long before us.  If that’s true, are all environmentalists just selfish? Wimberley declares, “People inevitably construe their ecological philosophies from the initial perspective of their …

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How to Green Your Plumbing

Greening your plumbing starts with some basic planning

Guest post by John Tarantino Who would have ever guessed that a person could go green in so many different aspects of our lives? If the recent recession has taught us anything, it taught us that we can be green and save money by consuming less and becoming more efficient with what we have. This rule of thumb definitely applies to our plumbing systems in our homes. Conserving water not only saves on water bills, but also reduces the impacts of major environmental issues such as protection of drinking water resources and protection of aquatic life. Conserving water also simultaneously reduces the need for energy in pumping, heating and treating of water. Like many other sustainable strategies, green plumbing is the …

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Power Monitor Polar Bear

Smart grid technology is all the rage.  As utilities and governments invest in systems to monitor home energy use in real time, products are coming to market that interface with the grid. This is one entry for GE’s Ecomagination Challenge.  It reminds people of that image of a polar bear swimming with no ice to rest on because of global warming.  It changes color depending on the energy being consumed by the home.  Research shows that when people are shown the real time cost of energy going into the home, they are more likely to reduce their consumption. As one person described to me recently, when there is a meter in your house that shows how much your energy consumption …

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Internet Over LED Lights

I never even knew this technology existed until now, but apparently you can transmit internet signals via visual signals.  A city in Minnesota has installed light fixtures that both save energy and reduce wifi over-burdening. The LED lights flicker at a rate undetectable by the human eye, transmitting signals back and forth.  (Think binary: off=0, on=1)  This saves 70-80% on electricity consumption, which more than covers the costs of the internet service.  The flickering light is picked up by a special modem on the computer while requests to the network are transmitted in the same way upward.  My question is, does the speed and reliability decrease when it’s sunny out? This is a great solution for businesses and office parks …

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21 Ways to Winterize Today

It’s that time of year.  The temperature is dropping and I woke up to snow flying through the air.  Although Halloween isn’t typically thought of as a winter prep day, I am taking some steps to tighten up my home right before carving some pumpkins. These tips are from various sources and will help almost any homeowner save on utility bills and carbon emissions this winter.

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