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Pope Francis: Encyclical Calls for “All People of Good Will” to Care for Our Common Home

Pope Francis call on all people of good will to care for the Earth

A version of this post first appeared on GlobalWarmingisReal.com At a time when the influence of institutional religion is waning in many part of the world, Pope Francis remains one of the most trusted and popular people on Earth. Leader of an estimated 1.2 billion Catholics across the world, Francis has put the weight of his authority squarely behind a global call to action to stop what he calls “the ecological crisis” we all now face. Typically, a Papal Encyclical issued by the Pope is a top-level teaching document addressed to Catholics. In recent decades encyclicals have been addressed to “all people of goodwill,” and Francis’ latest Laudato Si (Blessed Be) is one such document. “This encyclical is aimed at everyone” the Pope said before …

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World Environment Day: Considering Our Relationship with Nature

World Environmental Day 2015

The following post originally appeared on our sister website GlobalWarmingisReal.com Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care – Today is World Environment Day, or WED. Every June 5th WED serves as a platform for the United Nations Environmental Programme to focus world attention on humanity’s relationship with our environment. Every day, as sunrise moves across the Earth, 7 billion people awake to face another day. For many of those 7 billion, just finding enough clean water and food for their families is the task of the day, every day, day in and day out. For them, their relationship to their environment is urgent and palpable. Often it is a struggle just to survive. Abject poverty still burdens much of the global …

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New Report: Americans Eating Their Weight in Genetically Engineered Food

We're eating more genetically engineered food than we realize

While some people are aware of genetically modified foods, many do not know just how prevalent they are in their regular diet.

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GMO Labeling Measure Receives Prop Number for November Ballot

GMO labeling initiative in California

In November California voters will decide on the fate of the "Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act".

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Hate Groups and Wal-Mart: How the Two Are Connected

What is the correlation between Walmart and hate groups

Hate groups continue to increase in numbers throughout the US - one unusual variable has come to the forefront of why: large retail establishments, like Wal-Mart.

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The Brits and Their Tea: Infographic – Tea Consumption in the UK

A look at tea consumption in the UK

Yes, that title is accurate – those Brits and their obsession with drinking tea and coffee generates almost 4.5 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each and every year. If you want to know just how heavy that is, the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, weighs about half a billion tonnes when it is empty of people and it’s over over 800 metres tall. So just imagine 9 of those next to each other and you’ll understand just how big of an issue hot drinks can be. The following infographic shows this quite beautifully and is provided by Steve Waller, a green blogger from the UK (hence the focus on tea). Steve has shown how a relatively …

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EarthTalk: Teaching Kids to Consume

One study found that the average American kid is exposed to more than 25,000 television ads spanning some 10,700 minutes over the course of just one year

EarthTalk® is a weekly environmental column made available to our readers from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: Are all the commercial messages kids are bombarded with today having any noticeable negative effects? And if so what can a concerned parent like me do to limit my own kids’ exposure to so much advertising and marketing? – Jason Baldino, Somerset, NJ No doubt, marketers are hard at work targeting our children with their messages and creating young demand for their products. Companies in the U.S. today spend some $17 billion yearly advertising to children, a 150-fold increase from just a few decades ago. Some cash-strapped school districts have even started selling ads on and sometimes in their school buses …

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