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Best Apps for Monitoring and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Green Apps

For the past decade, the phrase “carbon footprint” has worked its way into the nation’s vocabulary. More people know that it relates to environmental impact, but what does it mean, exactly? The two main factors that should be considered are carbon dioxide and methane emissions of a population (or person), a system or an activity, according to a generally accepted definition written by Laurence A. Wright, Simon Kemp and Ian Williams in 2011. “This should allow the carbon footprint to become a cost-effective, practical and repeatable metric that can be adopted by all types of organizations across the globe as a ‘baseline’ indicator,” the trio wrote in the Carbon Management journal. These greenhouse gases can occur through a variety of …

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Product Review: Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger

The Juicebar solar charger and accessories

Disclaimer: I was provided Juicebar portable solar charger from Cableorganizer.com  for testing and review. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own As described, the Juicebar pocket portable solar charger is a pocket-sized mobile battery/solar charger compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices, complete with a selection of adaptors for use with your particular device. For my case, I’ve tested it with my iPod touch and LG Optimus S phone and found no issues with connections or compatibility. The Juicebar is simple enough. One side houses the solar panel, and the other has charge indicator bar and two buttons, one to display the available charge and the other for a small LED flashlight – the addition of the …

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The Best Eco-Friendly Products on the Market

Mushroom GreenZero

At the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, five green products stood out from the competition.

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How to Build a Solar-Powered Lawn Mower

Build a solar powered lawn mower

An intrepid individual built a solar powered lawn mower, and he provided instructions so you can too!

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Blade Tailpipe Emissions Filter: Stick This On Your Tailpipe! (And It Will Smoke a Lot Less!)

The blade tailpipe emissions filter reduces particulate pollution and CO2 emissions

So you can’t afford to go out and buy one of the new eco-friendly electric cars, and biking just isn’t cutting it? Well, this new gadget might be just the answer for you. It’s called Blade,  from EcoOptimized, and it’s a relatively inexpensive way to decrease carbon dioxide emissions on your existing car. How does it work? The device attaches to your car’s exhaust pipe (you’ll need to pay someone to install it) and acts as a filtration system for all the junk that comes out of your car. Manufacturers claim that it will drastically reduce particle emissions which cause smoke and soot that can damage your health and the environment. Up to a 12 percent decrease in carbon dioxide emission …

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Snap Away With A Solar Powered Camera Strap

You can snap photos all day with a new camera strap powered by the sun.  As Inhabitat puts it, photography is the art of light, so what better way to enter the artistic environment than by powering your art with the sun. Wired’s Gadget Lab tested the device and came up with one piece of critical feedback.  The strap’s cables connect directly to the batter port, meaning you cannot have a battery in place as a backup.  This isn’t a challenge when in the sun.  However, when those clouds roll out, it’s time to switch to a more reliable power source. As film has become virtually obsolete with the digital revolution, so soon, will batteries perhaps.

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Gecko Glue: Scientists Look to Nature for New Adhesives

What can a gecko’s foot teach us about adhesives? After noticing the gecko’s unique ability to run up vertical surfaces and hold onto glass with just one toe, scientists at UC Berkeley’s Biomimetic Milisystems Lab are questioning the ways we think about superglue and duct tape. Animals have developed a plethora of ways to adhere to surfaces in their environment. Scientists once believed that this “stickiness” was accomplished by natural glues composed of sugars and oils in combination with hooked claws and light body weights. However, a closer look with a high-powered imaging and microscopic force sensors revealed that the gecko foot is covered with tiny hair-like structures called setae. These hairs split even further into tips with surfaces as …

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Bring Fuel Cells Home With This Sweet Toy

Paradigm shifts require that we start educating our youth on the advantages and importance of green living.  Educating our children is getting easier with new media and technology.  This super-cool toy teaches the science behind fuel cells in an easy-to-understand way. Your kids (or you) can put together a car powered by water (via fuel cell technology).  As you of course know, fuel cells combine a fuel like hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity.  For a more in-depth description, read this. I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, there was no kit that would allow me to build a car that runs on water.  Who knows, that could have made all the difference. Read the full …

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The $672 Electric Car for the Rest of Us

Look, I want an electric car as much as the next guy.  My commute is inside of 25 miles, like 99% of us, so distance isn’t an issue.  Neither is recharging, I live in a very progressive state with a row of electric-car charging stations at my favorite grocery store.  I just can’t swallow the price tag of a new car.  Here is one solution I found that may just be how I spend my next few weekends. Ingredients: 1 Geo Metro 1 Electric forklift 1 Electric motor a dash of spare parts a smidge of random batteries Bake for a few weekends of hard work, and voila!  The result is a medium speed, medium range, cheap-as-heck electric commuter car.  …

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Charge up on the go with the Yogen

With all of the hype about green and energy efficient mobile chargers out there, its hard to sift through what is fact and what is fiction. And anyway, who has time to wait for the sun to charge their iPod? The next best thing for impatient eco-conscious folks is the YoGen universal mobile charger. YoGen has introduced the first real energy-saving charger compatible for most mobile devices including iPods, iPhones, digital readers like the Kindel, cell phones, navigation units, PDA’s and more. The best part? A few tugs on the string of this device charges your mobile unit in a few minutes and lasts as long as a charge from an energy sucking wall charger. And if that wasn’t enough, …

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