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Power generating shocks could turn bumpy roads into power plants

Hippie Magazine reports on eco-innovations. Eco Innovations are products, gadgets, inventions, etc. that have been developed to address the ever-increasing threat of climate change. Although some may never make it to the hands of consumers, they are still innovations with the right intention. Here is one such eco-innovation: vehicle shocks that generate electricity. As is the case with some of the coolest inventions ever, one version of this gadget came from MIT’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Consider the possibilities: refrigeration trucks powered by the bumps in the road, headlights running off of clean(ish) energy… they’re endless! Researchers in the UK are taking a different spin on the technology – building cogs into the roadway to generate energy from …

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Eco innovation in the form of an electric car

We’ve all seen these cool little electric cars driving around.  They aren’t much to look at, but beat the eco-pants off the prius.  They are entirely electric powered and are charged nightly at home.  No mess, no maintenance, no hassle, no extra features.  Although they’re small, the normal pricetag of over $10,000 is kind of hefty. Ecogeek reported on a program allowing Oklahoma residents to purchase one of these babies, called the COCO, for less than $900.  What a deal!  This is one eco-innovation we’re going to call a political-eco-innovation.  Although the adjusted pricetag is clearly below MSRP, it will stimulate the economy and remove polluting cars from the road.  Rock on OK.

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Apple calculates the real environmental impact of their products

Many companies start with this “We package our products in 20% post-consumer content materials” and end there.  Apple took it about 12 step further by evaluating their products’ environmental impact form sourcing materials to consumer use. When Apple identified that 53% of their environmental impact is in the use of their products by the consumer.  Instead of just claiming to have “made our products as efficient as possible”, they outline exactly what that means. They break down energy usage to “milliwatts” and describe how processors stop computing between keystrokes to save minute but important amounts of energy. Read much more at Apple’s website.

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Wake up with an eco conscience

This is the coolest handy eco gadget we’ve come across in a long time. This is an alarm clock that will run for up to 8 weeks on water and a splash of lemon juice. Now that’s a refreshing wake up. Try this added tip, rather than waste a whole lemon when you want to refill it, get a squeeze bottle of lemon juice from the grocery store (the ones that look like lemons). They last forever and should power your new alarm clock for years! Get it here.

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Energy waste busting ghost

Now your kids can be reminded to turn the lights off when not in use with this somewhat creepy little ghost. He turns yellow after the lights have been on for 4+ hours and an angry red when on for 8+ hours. It might scare your kids, but even they need a kick in the environmental pants every once in a while. Read more at Gajitz.

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Your iPhone can measure the wind

If you’ve got an iPhone, and there are 45 million people who do, you can now check any location to see if there’s enough wind to support a wind turbine. It uses the phone’s microphone to measure wind speed which doesn’t sound super reliable. But hey, this is a cool eco-innovation and that’s what this site is all about. Read more.

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