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Green Home Remodeling: Making Your Home More Sustainable

By Bob Gorman Your home is your greatest opportunity to make an eco-friendly impact on the world. From your appliances to your roof, you can make your home more sustainable and create a more eco-friendly footprint as you live a greener lifestyle. Every little bit matters! Start with a professional energy audit Even with all the blog posts in the world, you won’t be able to create an accurate assessment of your energy footprint without a little bit of outside help. Have a professional energy auditor go through your home and assess how much energy you’re using and where you can most effectively make positive changes. Look closer at your roof The goal of your roof is to keep the …

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Eco News Roundup: Communities around the country find ways to care for Earth

Communities around the country find ways to care for Earth

How have attitudes and best practices in the built environment translated to a better understanding of sustainability? This first article shows examples of living better harmony with our surrounding environment. Communities around the country find ways to care for Earth Sustainable living has gone mainstream. Whether they live in a LEED-certified vacation development in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon or a quaint New England town with a goal of reducing carbon emissions, Americans celebrated Earth Day this year finding ways to better exist in harmony with the environment and their local communities. (Photo: Gary Hall Photography) Click here to view original web page at www.usatoday.com   Next we look at how community partnerships: Kessler Homes is the exclusive builder for …

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The Increased Popularity and Necessity of Sustainable Homes

Homeowners are awakening to the need for more sustainable homes

By Bob Gorman The housing market is starting to bounce back with full force, but it’s certainly never going to be the same. Consumers have learned their lesson, and the market will show it. For too many years, home sizes and their accompanying energy demands have just kept growing and growing without regard to the effect on the environment. After the housing crash, consumers had an awakening, and now sustainable homes will be the future of the real estate market. Not too long ago, LEED and Energy Star rated homes were just an occasional oddity. However, sustainable homes are quickly becoming mainstream. Long gone are energy wasting McMansions and unaffordable home loans. From here on out, homeowners will want low …

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Net Zero Home: An Affordable Green Option for Homeowners

Save money and resources with a net zero home

Net Zero certified homes are making a name for themselves in the Utah real estate market, primarily because of their energy efficient features.

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Modernizing Your Home: Five Ways to Make Your Home More Green

Greening your home in five simple steps

By Kandace Heller As more people embrace a green lifestyle, they are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient. Fortunately, there are several ways a homeowner can improve the energy efficiency of his house. By using the latest green technologies, you can reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. In some cases, you can even get tax credits or rebates for making such home improvements. Replace old windows In older homes, there are often air leaks around the windows. Older windows are also often single pane glass. By replacing all the windows in your home with new Energy Star rated windows, you keep your home more comfortable while lowering your energy bills. You can get double or …

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Stylishly Greening Your Home With Wood

Eco-friendly wood can be a great building material for floors and blinds

By Morris Buchanan Major home essentials like floors and windows, can doubly serve as accessories that decorate and enhance interior spaces. While envisioning the design and decor of your home, keep in mind the beauty and eco-friendliness of wood. Certain wood products, even for home projects, can positively affect the environment in the following ways. Wood & The Environment Whether wood harvesting harms the environment or wood products are a green material is an ongoing debate. For one, wood is naturally susceptible to damage from animals, insects and rotting, which is why hazardous chemical preservatives are applied to combat those vulnerabilities, explains EnviroLiteracy.org. Also, environmentalists believe that “standard wood harvesting practices” put the health of forests at risk, thus worsening the …

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Infographic: 10 Ways to Improve Our Green Cities

While often times we associate the environmental movement with open landscapes and vast swaths of rural land, a tremendous amount of environmental change is taking place right here in our cities. Cities offer many opportunities for testing out sustainable living practices because the close proximity of so many individuals makes innovative transportation and housing solutions possible. While new progress is happening all the time, many have looked at existing city structures designed for one purpose, and devised ways in which they can be retrofitted to be environmentally friendly. What was formerly just blacktop on top of a building has the potential to become a green roof. The concrete divider in between two parking spaces can be recast as a charging …

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Five Sports Stadiums That Champion the Environment

2012 Olympic Stadium

Stadiums around the world that are making a lot of noise not only during a sporting event, but around the green community as well.

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Getting the Most Energy Efficiency out of Skylights

Making your home more sustainable with skylights

Guest Post by Ginger Singer Skylights make a home more sustainable because they offer light during the day with no added cost and provide solar heat in the winter.  Not all skylights are energy efficient.  If they are made poorly, they could end up costing more money than they save.  Skylights can effect heat lose and heat gain by up to 40%.  There are ways to make sure that skylights remain energy efficient rather than wreaking havoc on the power bill.  Solar tubes are some of the most energy efficient skylights.  Traditional skylights can also be made to be more efficient. Tubular Skylights Tubular skylights receive sunlight from different angles at all times of the day because of the small dome …

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Why Window Tinting Is The “In” Way for Going Green

Window Tinting is an easy step toward energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction

Guest Post by Jared Diamond As the world economy continues to lag, cost cutting, more than a trendy activity, is an emerging necessity for most.  When one considers the expenses of homeownership, the expenditures mercilessly pile.  From mortgages, property tax, maintenance and bills, any sort of expense reduction measure is a highly welcomed dose of relief.  What many are unaware is that one of the best-kept secrets in cost reduction happens to be the “in” way for going green in 2012.  Consider the climate that will surely accompany the upcoming year and this reality grows ever apparent. When window tinting is installed, it acts as a barrier between exterior elements and the home’s interior.  On top of absorbing potentially hazardous …

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