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Eco News Roundup: Green Energy Tips; Tiny Houses; Green Space; Eco Apps

Go Green by Switching to a Green Energy Plan and by Following These 10 Tips

Eco News Roundup for June 26: Resources from around the world to help live a more eco-friendly lifestyle This week features tips for adopting green energy in your home. How about the new trend toward “tiny houses” and living off-grid? Learn how physical and mental health improves with access to green spaces. Finally, we look at 13 apps you can use to help you lower your carbon footprint. Enjoy and please leave any suggestion for next week’s roundup in the comments section. Enjoy! Tips for Green Energy Over the past few years, many residential energy consumers from all over the globe have been considering taking a more eco-friendly approach to their home electricity consumption. Taking a truly green approach to energy …

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Infographic: Hacker Scouts – Building the DIY Movement

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Throwing a Birthday Party: How to Have an Eco-Friendly Bash

throw a green birthday party

Parties don’t have to be expensive, wasteful affairs. By following a few simple tips, you can host a green event to be proud of.

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Creating an Urban Garden in a Container: Give Life to Small Spaces

Give more life to small indoor or backyard urban spaces

By Kyle Martin Apartment balconies and tiny backyards seem to be unlikely spots for a lush garden, but more and more people are using their windows, fire escapes and rooftops to grow herbs and vegetables. That’s right, vegetables, herbs or flowers can grow in any small space, if you plant strategically. In three simple steps, you too can successfully grow container gardens. Containers Wooden wine or ammunition boxes are the perfect size for an urban garden. Hanging baskets, terra-cotta pots and other containers also work well as planters. Fern from Apartment Therapy advocates container gardening in her DIY urban garden. In wooden wine boxes from her grandfather, she plants lettuce and parsley. The greenery colors her outdoor living space, and …

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Earth Stroll 2012: An Earth Day Celebration

An EV recharging station and examples of wind turbine technology

Scenes from Earth Stroll 2012 at Crissy Field along the San Francisco Waterfront.                

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4 Ideas For an Eco-Friendly Garden

Making your garden more eco-friendly is easy with this four tips

Guest Post by Joanne Now that we are all more aware of climate change and its effects many of us have made a conscious decision to live a more eco-friendly life. We all look at our homes to see where we can make some small changes. But one area that is often overlooked is our garden. It is the only green space many of us own and because of this most would naturally assume that it is an eco-friendly environment, but there are still some small changes that we can all make to turn to our garden into a more eco-friendly environment. And all the little changes we can make will add up! Every gardener wants to have a range …

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10 World Famous Trees

Lone Cypress

We love trees – here are some of the world’s most famous We don’t often think of trees as famous.  Every now and then, one rises above it’s brothers and sisters with a unique distinction.  Either due to celebrity connections, unique life or even a trip to outer space, these trees are famous.  You might even recognize a few of them. Thanks to the folks at Treehugger that put in some major effort in originally assembling this group.

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Sometimes it’s best not to ask why, just to accept something just happened.  340 bicycles were used to create a 10,000 pound obelisk dubbed “Cyclisk”. All 340 bikes were previously unusable and reclaimed.  Santa Rosa, California requires large businesses funding new construction projects to fund public art. This piece was created by Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector.  Nissan was the lucky funder of this project required in order to build their new $3.7 million auto dealership. As cool as this project is, it is kind of ironic that Santa Rosa is pushing itself as a bike-friendly city with a piece of art funded by an auto maker. As Grist quips: “is this giant community art member just, ahem, compensating for …

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Green Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Green gifts for Mom are best!

All a mom wants for Mother’s day is some peace, love and time with her kids.  The typical gifts of flowers, dinner out, chocolates, bath products, cleaning coupons or a day at the spa sure are nice though!  There are some extremely easy ways to “green up” these easy gift ideas to make every hippie mama feel like a spoiled queen on her big day. Flowers from the heart Instead of a bouquet of flowers from a florist, why not a handpicked arrangement of wildflowers?  Even small kids can get in on the action and feel included in mommy’s special gift from the heart.  If you’re still stuck in a blanket of snow like me, try planted herbs that can …

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Green-er Beer for St. Patrick’s Day

By Paula Mitchell Bentley St. Patrick’s day is all about green. Green clothes, silly green hats, green clover and green beer. So, how can you make your green beer even greener?? Go organic! Organic beer uses no pesticides or fertilizers in it’s production. This means there are no pesticides or fertilizers in the beer that you’re about to drink — yummm, tasty chemical beer. Even better, it means that no pesticides and fertilizers were absorbed into the ground used to grow the hops. Chemicals absorbed into the dirt eventually leach down into water sources. Water is one of those natural resources that is totally disregarded until it’s no longer available. How to make your organic beer green in an eco-conscious …

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