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Conserve Energy and Reduce Your Power Bills

Save money by conserving energy

These quick and inexpensive projects will make your home more energy-efficient and save you money at the same time.

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Top 5 Environmental Issues Affecting Healthcare

The environmental issues affecting healthcare

Guest post by Matthew Speer With nearly 5,000 hospitals in the United States and more than 750,000 beds, medical facilities leave a tremendous environmental footprint that includes solid waste, energy consumption and disposal of biological and hazardous chemical waste. Those who manage health facilities face the same challenges to reduce, reuse and recycle, especially those overseeing large hospitals. The healthcare industry is working to shrink its environmental impact with efforts such as Practice Greenhealth and the Healthcare Environmental Resource Center. Here are some environmental issues hospitals and other healthcare providers face: Solid Waste Stacks Up Each day, hospitals produce 25 pounds of waste per patient, according to the Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals website. That comes to 7,000 tons a day …

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Getting the Most Energy Efficiency out of Skylights

Making your home more sustainable with skylights

Guest Post by Ginger Singer Skylights make a home more sustainable because they offer light during the day with no added cost and provide solar heat in the winter.  Not all skylights are energy efficient.  If they are made poorly, they could end up costing more money than they save.  Skylights can effect heat lose and heat gain by up to 40%.  There are ways to make sure that skylights remain energy efficient rather than wreaking havoc on the power bill.  Solar tubes are some of the most energy efficient skylights.  Traditional skylights can also be made to be more efficient. Tubular Skylights Tubular skylights receive sunlight from different angles at all times of the day because of the small dome …

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Infographic: Greenest Colleges in America

The Greenest College Campuses Compiled By: Online Colleges Guide

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Solar Buyers Guide for Home and Office

Renewable energy solutions for the homeowner

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Food Waste Recycling: Why It Matters

Recycling food waste is an important step in green living

Guest post by Christina Appleworth Food waste recycling is an essential part of day-to-day sustainability efforts. Still not as widespread as recycling of  paper, plastic and glass, recycling food scrapes and waste is a major benefit to the environment, while also generating important fuels and fertilizers. With more and more city councils, municipalities, and other organizations scaling-up food waste recycling plans, it is necessary to consider the environmental damage food waste causes, and how easy it is to recycle and do your part to create a greener world. Food waste damage In terms of how a build-up of food waste affects the environment, refuse sacks dumped into landfills gradually release methane gas into the atmosphere. Methane is a more potent …

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Five Top Tips to Embrace Renewable Energy

Integrating solar panels into your home design begins with a few basic planning steps

Guest post by Ryan Shipley Renewable energy is the kind of energy that comes from natural resources like geothermal heat, tides, rain, river, wind and sunlight. As the term implies, it is renewable which means that it can be replenished naturally. Oil is a very expensive material that is used to fuel the economies of most countries. Almost all industries today run on energy that uses oil. Most people use non-renewable energy but there has been a paradigm shift nowadays because more and more people are now beginning to consider the contribution that renewable energy brings. The following are five top tips on how to embrace renewable energy: Tip #1: Use of Solar Panels Everyone needs some form of electricity …

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Supplement Your Boiler with Solar Power

Guest post by Jag Ture  While no one is quite ready to say that gas boilers are history and renewable sources should be the only source of heat for your home, perhaps two products from Baxi boilers or Potterton boilers can be used in conjunction to provide the best result.  There are various solutions using renewable energy that are ready to be deployed in your home to reduce your carbon footprint and in the long run save money. At Ecobuild 2012, Baxi Boilers focus was still on showcasing their range of combi boilers which focus on efficiency to provide the ideal solution for home heating.  However they also debuted a number of solar powered products with the idea being that when …

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Simple Composting For All: Tips for Easy Composting

Simple and easy steps to get started composting

Composting has become a cornerstone of green living. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

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Earth Stroll 2012: An Earth Day Celebration

An EV recharging station and examples of wind turbine technology

Scenes from Earth Stroll 2012 at Crissy Field along the San Francisco Waterfront.                

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