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Tires Made From Renewable Resources

Tires made from recyclable materials will help alleviate a serious environmental and health risk

Guest post by Trisha Miller –  On average only about 35 percent of used tires are actually recycled. The rest end up in large supply at landfills, burn spots, and water dump areas. One major problem with tire dumpage is the fact that tires do not decay at an organic rate. The average tire will not decay for 60-80 years. In an attempt to solve this problem, people often collect tires and burn them in order to both get rid of the waste and have a very long lasting fire. Although, tires contain quite a lot of materials and chemicals that are hazardous to humans and the environment and undoubtedly should not be inhaled via flame. Lastly, tires that accumulate inside …

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Infographic: 10 Ways to Improve Our Green Cities

While often times we associate the environmental movement with open landscapes and vast swaths of rural land, a tremendous amount of environmental change is taking place right here in our cities. Cities offer many opportunities for testing out sustainable living practices because the close proximity of so many individuals makes innovative transportation and housing solutions possible. While new progress is happening all the time, many have looked at existing city structures designed for one purpose, and devised ways in which they can be retrofitted to be environmentally friendly. What was formerly just blacktop on top of a building has the potential to become a green roof. The concrete divider in between two parking spaces can be recast as a charging …

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How to Build a Solar-Powered Lawn Mower

Build a solar powered lawn mower

An intrepid individual built a solar powered lawn mower, and he provided instructions so you can too!

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How Going Solar Can Change Lives

Going solar changes lives

Thanks to two American entreprenuers, solar power is changing the lives of poor villagers in India.

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Hybrid CFL Lightbulbs Help Skeptics

Hybrid CFL lightbulb from GE

The people who are stuck in their caves that still won’t convert to compact flourescent bulbs (CFL’s) because of some silly, antiquated excuse have one less argument they can make against the energy savings.  Hybrid CFL’s designed by GE now come to full light instantly after being turned on. I’ve got CFL’s all over my house, including outside.  When I flip a switch to look outside, it’s as if the lights weren’t even on.  Not anymore.  That’s one point for CFL’s, climate skeptics: 0. The bulb is in the shape of a “regular” incandescent bulb, which may also convert some of the weirdo holdouts.  Inside that outer shell is the familiar CFL coil, and inside that is a small halogen …

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Earthships – Building an Off-Grid, Truly Sustainable House

The following two videos give an overview of an Earthship. Earthship biotecture is the product of forty years of research and development into completely self-sufficient housing made entirely from recycled materials.

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New Concrete Road Surface Helps Purify Air

According to the Federal Highway Administration, Over 2,734,102 miles of paved roadways wind and weave their interconnected way throughout the U.S. from border to border, coast to coast. That is a lot of pavement lying around out there doing nothing but waiting to be driven over. What if all those miles of road were actively doing something rather than just lying there? If only the roads were paved with “air-purifying concrete.” One of the pollutants spewed into the atmosphere by cars and trucks is nitrogen oxide (NOx), which is responsible for acid rain and smog. Researchers in the Netherlands recently concluded the first outdoor highway test of a specially designed type of concrete that works to remove NOx from the …

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