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Tires Made From Renewable Resources

Tires made from recyclable materials will help alleviate a serious environmental and health risk

Guest post by Trisha Miller –  On average only about 35 percent of used tires are actually recycled. The rest end up in large supply at landfills, burn spots, and water dump areas. One major problem with tire dumpage is the fact that tires do not decay at an organic rate. The average tire will not decay for 60-80 years. In an attempt to solve this problem, people often collect tires and burn them in order to both get rid of the waste and have a very long lasting fire. Although, tires contain quite a lot of materials and chemicals that are hazardous to humans and the environment and undoubtedly should not be inhaled via flame. Lastly, tires that accumulate inside …

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Stylishly Greening Your Home With Wood

Eco-friendly wood can be a great building material for floors and blinds

By Morris Buchanan Major home essentials like floors and windows, can doubly serve as accessories that decorate and enhance interior spaces. While envisioning the design and decor of your home, keep in mind the beauty and eco-friendliness of wood. Certain wood products, even for home projects, can positively affect the environment in the following ways. Wood & The Environment Whether wood harvesting harms the environment or wood products are a green material is an ongoing debate. For one, wood is naturally susceptible to damage from animals, insects and rotting, which is why hazardous chemical preservatives are applied to combat those vulnerabilities, explains EnviroLiteracy.org. Also, environmentalists believe that “standard wood harvesting practices” put the health of forests at risk, thus worsening the …

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Product Review: Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger

The Juicebar solar charger and accessories

Disclaimer: I was provided Juicebar portable solar charger from Cableorganizer.com  for testing and review. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own As described, the Juicebar pocket portable solar charger is a pocket-sized mobile battery/solar charger compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices, complete with a selection of adaptors for use with your particular device. For my case, I’ve tested it with my iPod touch and LG Optimus S phone and found no issues with connections or compatibility. The Juicebar is simple enough. One side houses the solar panel, and the other has charge indicator bar and two buttons, one to display the available charge and the other for a small LED flashlight – the addition of the …

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Green Gift Giving Guide

‘Tis the season to give and receive. It is a time to express our love and appreciation for family, friends, and colleagues. But many are also looking for gifts that give a little bit back to the Earth and express a concern for a lighter footprint. So without further ado, here is Hippie Magazine’s recommended resource for green, organic, and fair trade gift selections for everyone on your list: It can be tough to find holiday gifts that the special “hippie” in your life will appreciate, or maybe the hippie inside you would like to find gifts for your friends and families which give back to the world. In either case, a new North American marketplace called Ethical Ocean has put …

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EarthTalk: Non-Animal Tested Cleaning Products

The Leaping Bunny logo is now displayed on the packaging of more than 300 cosmetics and household products for sale across the U.S

EarthTalk® is a weekly environmental column made available to our readers from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: I am very interested in purchasing household cleaners whose ingredients and final product are not tested on animals. Where do I look? – Debbie Reek, via e-mail According to most animal advocates, the fact that manufacturers of household cleaners still use animals to test the toxicity of their products is not only inhumane—why should innocent animals have to suffer and die so we can get our floors a little cleaner?—but also illogical, as modern lab tests not involving living creatures can discern more practical information faster and for less money. Another problem with animal testing is that its findings don’t …

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Preserve: Recycling Product and Packaging

Preserve Packaging

Preserve products help make recycling easy with innovative packaging

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LEDs now come in a new shape: square

Ever notice LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are always round?  They emit light in all directions which has been somewhat of a hindrance for some advanced applications.  As we’ve discussed before, LED’s are a major component of the energy conserving consumer plan. Interestingly, most light sources we have create round light.  Go ahead, look around you and notice the shape.  This is handy for illuminating entire rooms or large spaces.  However as noted by the folks at Green Tech Media, many elements of life are, in fact, square or straight.  Read: desks, roads, paper, etc. The value in a new product coming from a startup in Austin, TX is that their LED light source creates a square light which will work …

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Making Plastic From Plants: A Step Toward an Oil Free Future

The gusher in the gulf continues to spew, the oily sheen and clumpy globules seeping into every nook and cranny of the marine environment along hundreds of miles of coastline. Not a bad time to consider the extent to which petroleum has seeped into nearly every aspect of daily life. Whether it is a product, food or service odds are it was created, packaged, stored, shipped or sold using numerous convenient innovations derived from petroleum or fueled by it. Disposable plastic packaging, bags and food service containers are just some of petroleum’s many uses. Making the move away from fossil fuel dependency will require substituting renewable materials for oil-based sources we currently rely on in numerous industries. One company working …

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Gecko Glue: Scientists Look to Nature for New Adhesives

What can a gecko’s foot teach us about adhesives? After noticing the gecko’s unique ability to run up vertical surfaces and hold onto glass with just one toe, scientists at UC Berkeley’s Biomimetic Milisystems Lab are questioning the ways we think about superglue and duct tape. Animals have developed a plethora of ways to adhere to surfaces in their environment. Scientists once believed that this “stickiness” was accomplished by natural glues composed of sugars and oils in combination with hooked claws and light body weights. However, a closer look with a high-powered imaging and microscopic force sensors revealed that the gecko foot is covered with tiny hair-like structures called setae. These hairs split even further into tips with surfaces as …

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Green Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Green gifts for Mom are best!

All a mom wants for Mother’s day is some peace, love and time with her kids.  The typical gifts of flowers, dinner out, chocolates, bath products, cleaning coupons or a day at the spa sure are nice though!  There are some extremely easy ways to “green up” these easy gift ideas to make every hippie mama feel like a spoiled queen on her big day. Flowers from the heart Instead of a bouquet of flowers from a florist, why not a handpicked arrangement of wildflowers?  Even small kids can get in on the action and feel included in mommy’s special gift from the heart.  If you’re still stuck in a blanket of snow like me, try planted herbs that can …

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