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Recycled Fuel: An Eco-Friendly Way to Heat Your Home and Garden

You can use recycled fuel to save mony, stay warm, and lesson your environmental footprint

Guest post by Laura Philips If you’ve got a chiminea, a fire-pit, or a wood-burning stove, you’ll know that few things really match the romance and comfort of a real fire. Stoves and chimineas are surprisingly effective heaters, and choosing recycled fuel will go a long way towards reducing your carbon footprint and producing cleaner, more eco-friendly heat. There are a variety of eco-friendly recycled fuels available these days and you can find a fuel which will not only burn cleaner and hotter than wood, but which will be a lot lighter on your wallet, too. Sawdust logs One of the most readily-available and cheapest recycled fuels, these are logs or briquettes, often referred to as eco-logs, heat-logs, or chim …

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Earthships – Building an Off-Grid, Truly Sustainable House

The following two videos give an overview of an Earthship. Earthship biotecture is the product of forty years of research and development into completely self-sufficient housing made entirely from recycled materials.

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Recycle Your Hair This Summer!

Midsummer often prompts many of us to shear our locks and don cooler hairstyles to help us survive the heat. As I recently had my own coif chopped up and saw the heaps of hair collecting around the chair, I began to wonder if there aren’t some ways to reuse this particular resource. Here’s what I dug up…

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Preserve: Recycling Product and Packaging

Preserve Packaging

Preserve products help make recycling easy with innovative packaging

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The $672 Electric Car for the Rest of Us

Look, I want an electric car as much as the next guy.  My commute is inside of 25 miles, like 99% of us, so distance isn’t an issue.  Neither is recharging, I live in a very progressive state with a row of electric-car charging stations at my favorite grocery store.  I just can’t swallow the price tag of a new car.  Here is one solution I found that may just be how I spend my next few weekends. Ingredients: 1 Geo Metro 1 Electric forklift 1 Electric motor a dash of spare parts a smidge of random batteries Bake for a few weekends of hard work, and voila!  The result is a medium speed, medium range, cheap-as-heck electric commuter car.  …

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EarthTalk: eWaste – Recycling Electronic Waste

EarthTalk® is a weekly environmental column made available to our readers from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: I work for an office equipment company selling copiers, fax machines, computers and printers. Each year new models come out making old ones obsolete. As a result, we have loads of trade-ins with nowhere to go. What can we do with this old equipment? – Jeff P., Worcester, MA Electronic waste, or “e-waste” as it’s called, is a growing problem in the United States and abroad, as obsolete or broken computers and other electronic equipment are taking up increasingly precious amounts of landfill space and potentially leaking hazardous substances into surrounding ecosystems.

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