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Infographic: Hacker Scouts – Building the DIY Movement

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Doping Athletes Chase Genetic Gold

Olympic runners - are they using genetic engineering to run faster?

GMO taken to a whole new lead with Gentically Modified Olympians

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Solar Panel Technology Advancements Infographic

An interesting infographic on how solar technology has both increased energy conversion while decreasing the size of panels.

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How Going Solar Can Change Lives

Going solar changes lives

Thanks to two American entreprenuers, solar power is changing the lives of poor villagers in India.

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National Clean Energy Summit – Live Streaming

Watch live streaming video from nationalcleanenergysummit at livestream.com

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Are Your Computer Habits Bad for the Environment?

Minimize the impact of your electronics

Everybody has a computer today. They’re like wristwatches or televisions. But how much does your computer use contribute to greenhouse gasses and their global warming effect? You might be surprised! Conservative estimates rank computer usage right up there with the airline industry for its harmful effect on the atmosphere, making it responsible for up to 2% of the total problem. To put your mind at ease, that doesn’t mean your household PC is all that nasty. That figure includes all the industrial server farms, government supercomputers, and college networks. Unfortunately, there are a lot more of them than you might think. Even your average grocery store has a server room somewhere in it to run the “back office” (accounts receivable …

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Pee Powered Battery

When striving to create a small, disposable test for various disease such as diabetes, scientists were pushed to find an equally small, inexpensive, disposable battery.  (someone ironic, seeing as you’re not supposed to throw out batteries) What they discovered is that many tests rely on urine to determine test results.  Since urine is acidity, scientists have developed a battery powered by the very urine it is testing.  An acid based battery has been around since you could buy kits to make batteries out of potatoes or lemon water. “In order to address this problem, we have designed a disposable battery on a chip, which is activated by biofluids such as urine,” says Ki Bang Lee, one of the researchers responsible …

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.ECO Soon Available

For those who follow domain news, you might be interested to know that there will soon be a domain name for environmentally focused companies and blogs.  The domain extension “.eco” will soon be available according to ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the government sponsored organization charged with supervising the domain name industry. According to anyone who has tried, creating a new domain extension is quite the nightmare.  Typically, one needs a great deal of funding to complete the process.  And it doesn’t hurt to have a government sponsorship either.  Ever heard of .to?  It was started by an entrepreneur who convinced the island nation of Tonga to lend him their name.  They are compensated, and he …

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Power Plastic Gains Efficiency

A company called Konarka makes a flexible solar generating plastic compound that generates electricity.  Think of the possible applications for this technology.  Wrapping electric vehicles, buildings and remote structures to power small applications.  Or, imaging a trickle-charging effect for boats and RV’s that need occasional power boosts. Konarka has announced that their product’s efficiency has increased to 8.3 percent.  Although still small, this is a big boost.  Some day we’ll have technology that captures 100% of the sun’s energy by the time it reaches the earth’s surface.  For now, we’ll have to use 8.3% to power bus stops in San Francisco. Source

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Mobile Wind Turbine Speeds Up Site Survey

Ever wonder how they plan wind farms?  A lot more energy and assessment goes into the area that just an open field and some tall poles.  Survey equipment is often erected to determine the absolute premium location for each turbine.  Setting up poles and milling through data has been the only method for planning wind farms… until now. The mobile wind turbine by Pope Design moves to follow the wind or to collect data.  It no longer takes a whole crew of workers and a crane to collect data over and over. Another possible use is mobile wind generation.  Military applications are endless, as are heavily rural or undeveloped areas.  A mobile electrical plan is just what many communities need, …

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