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How to Become a Certified Green Business

Green business certification

Green businesses across all industries are instituting simple changes that make big differences to the environment. Whether by swapping standard light bulbs for fluorescent bulbs, programming thermostats to lower output during off-hours or incentivizing employee carpools, green initiatives are inherently self-perpetuating. They save money while preserving the environment and attracting a quickly growing market for green goods and services. However, as the market for green products flourishes, “greenwashing,” or implied eco-friendliness that collapses upon closer scrutiny, has become prevalent. Truly green businesses are turning to eco-labels and green certifications as the most reliable indicators of environmental stewardship, and discerning consumers have come to expect them. Certification is typically awarded by independent, third-party experts who conduct a thorough review of a …

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Home Secure-A-Tree: Compost for the Earth & Your Health

Composting is good for your health and good for the Earth

By Erica Fernandez It’s no secret the world has a finite number of resources left on the Earth. The World Wildlife Fund estimates we will need two earth-sized planets by the year 2050. It might be a bit too dramatic a forecast, but there is a need for the world to consider more than convenience and instant gratification when planning, shopping and commuting. Although the buzz and efforts surrounding carbon offsetting has been growing, Bloomberg reports that the UN’s compliance deadline to cut and offset emissions still has not been met. The Environmental Protection Agency reports over 1,300 sites on the National Priorities List, places too toxic for inhabitation, and the devastation caused by greenhouse gases needs no introduction. It …

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