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EarthTalk: Energy Subsidies – Can Renewable Ever Compete With Fossil Fuels?

Historically the vast majority of energy subsidies have gone to developing fossil fuel resources. But that is beginning to change as part of the Obama Administration's goal of cutting back on subsidies to the hugely profitable oil industry. In 2011, while $2.5 billion of tax dollars subsidized the fossil fuel industry in the form of tax breaks, some $16 billion went into subsidies for renewables and energy efficiency.

EarthTalk® is a weekly environmental column made available to our readers from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: Renewable energy production in the solar and wind markets currently receives about $7 billion in government subsidies annually, but is still not competitive against fossil fuels on a large scale. To what extent should the U.S. continue to prop up these industries as they compete against dirty energy?                                                                                     — Jack Morgan, Richmond, VA Given the importance of abundant amounts of energy for Americans, the federal government tends to subsidize all forms of energy development, including fossil fuels and renewables. A recently released report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that in 2011 …

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