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Environmentalist Focus, Deep Versus Shallow Ecology

Deep Ecology

  Guest post by Emma Waight Within the theory of environmentalism are varying extremes in points of view.  In his book, Nested Ecology, Edward Wimberley (2009) argues that the fundamental concern of humans towards environmental ecology is that the environment must continue to remain sustainable for the good of the human species.  Wimberley states that “this is a subtle but important feature informing most environmental philosophies”.  This argument therefore suggests that as a species, we care more about the future viability of humankind and human culture on Earth, than that of the natural world which existed long before us.  If that’s true, are all environmentalists just selfish? Wimberley declares, “People inevitably construe their ecological philosophies from the initial perspective of their …

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The College Sustainability Report Card and 3 of the Highest Rated Schools in 2011

Green Colleges

Guest post by Mariana Ashley The College Sustainability Report Card has been around for several years now. The Report Card seeks to educate potential students, current students, employees, and the public on the degree of sustainability institutions for higher education achieve each year in the United States and Canada. The Report Card grades schools based on nine different categories of sustainability including, administration, climate change and energy, food and recycling, green building, student involvement, transportation, endowment transparency, investment priorities, and shareholder engagement. The grading system seeks to encourage sustainability as a priority for academic institutions in both their operations and their endowment investment practices. The prerogative that the Sustainability Report Card advocates is one that all speaks to the purpose and …

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