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The Value of Integrating Solar Panels into Your Home’s Design

Integrating solar panels into your home design begins with a few basic planning steps

Guest Post by Madeline Binder Solar energy is rapidly being integrated into American culture as an accessible source of low cost electricity. However, many people are intimidated about converting their homes to a solar energy home. There are two problem that really are keeping people from converting to solar energy, (1) ignorance about the process and (2) concerns about the aesthetics of the panels. Getting to Know Solar Energy The first problem that is keeping Americans from converting en mass to solar energy is a simple lack of common knowledge about solar energy. People are concerned about the price and the practicality of converting to solar energy. Fortunately, both concerns can easily be resolved. What you first need to know …

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EarthTalk: The Scoop on Home Energy Audits

How useful are professional energy audits for your home?

  EarthTalk® is a weekly environmental column made available to our readers from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: ​There are a number of companies out there now doing “home energy audits” for the home, after which they try to sell you attic insulation and other products and services. Is this just a scam or would it be wise for me to look into this?  — Bill Richards., New York, NY For the most part, companies offering energy audits are reputable and legitimate and will help you both save money and reduce your carbon footprint if you follow their advice in regard to upgrading things like insulation, windows and appliances. “A home energy assessment, also known as a …

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How to Green Your Plumbing

Greening your plumbing starts with some basic planning

Guest post by John Tarantino Who would have ever guessed that a person could go green in so many different aspects of our lives? If the recent recession has taught us anything, it taught us that we can be green and save money by consuming less and becoming more efficient with what we have. This rule of thumb definitely applies to our plumbing systems in our homes. Conserving water not only saves on water bills, but also reduces the impacts of major environmental issues such as protection of drinking water resources and protection of aquatic life. Conserving water also simultaneously reduces the need for energy in pumping, heating and treating of water. Like many other sustainable strategies, green plumbing is the …

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