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EarthTalk: Green Giving – Holiday Gifts That Matter

Give gifts that make a real difference this holiday season

EarthTalk® is a weekly environmental column made available to our readers from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine Dear EarthTalk: I would like to make my holiday gifts matter this year. Where can I find ideas for green gifts? — Mary Baumgartner, via e-mail The holidays are a great time of year to share your enthusiasm for protecting the environment with family and friends. One meaningful gift—a fashion-forward t-shirt from Rain Tees—can help fight environmental destruction far away while raising awareness here at home. Every Rain Tee is hand-made in the U.S. from eco-friendly fabrics and features original artwork created by children living in countries facing rampant deforestation. For every t-shirt the company sells, proceeds help the cause and Rain …

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Stock Up on Eco-Fuel for Winter by Recycling Autumn Leaves

Recycle autumn leaves for eco-fuel

Guest post by Lewis Davies Stock up on eco-fuel for winter by recycling autumn leaves Autumn is a spectacular season heralding the end of summer with a cascade of red, brown and golden falling leaves. Most of us appreciate nature’s beauty at this time of year, but consider the task of raking up and bagging the leaves to be a painful chore with little benefit. However, the leaves that fall from the trees in this season are a great source of carbon-neutral fuel that we can stock up on to last us through the winter. Bagging up leaves (and other so-called “garden waste”) for the refuse collectors to take away, and pile on top of already heaving landfill sites, is …

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Integrating Renewable Energy into the Home

Renewable energy solutions for the homeowner

Guest post by Greg Tornga A renewable energy primer for the home Coal, oil and gas = fossil fuels = nonrenewable = will one day not exist Solar, wind, plant, hydrogen, heat, ocean and flowing water = renewable energy = is constantly replenished by the earth’s atmosphere. Introducing Solar Powered Energy Into the Home The term ‘solar powered’ means powered by sunlight.  Scientists have found ways to convert sunlight into electricity through the creation of Solar Photovoltaic Technology.  You must be seeing solar panels popping up in all sorts of locations – homes, businesses and even lined up in big fields. This is a way to create renewable energy and bring us one step closer to removing the need for non-renewable …

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