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Upcoming Tidal Power Installation

The UK has just invested 20 Million pounds in a tidal generation project as part of the Low Carbon Economic Area.   The area will be 1 kilometer by 2 kilometers and be available for leases by energy companies.  The project is called Wave Hub. The tidal array will be the first major tidal installation project put into place.  What is cool about this project is developers have up to 5 year leases (possibly extendable) and can generate a max of 4-5 MW of energy.  This will, in theory, encourage various technology deployments which should give us a nice glimpse of the potential for future projects globally. Installations will begin this year with the first project and extend forward until leases …

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Another EV Comes to market

We’ve been tracking EV’s over the past couple years.  There is a new EV hitting the market made by Honda.  In 2012, Honda will introduce the Fit EV. Finally an auto maker is offering an EV that does not try to be a full size (read: wasteful) car or SUV.  I’m sick of auto makers marketing “green” or “hybrid” vehicles that get 25 MPG.  My Saab does better than that with a turbocharger. Now the Fit is a realistically minimalist vehicle for those who actually care about the environment.  Another cool feature is the planned “interactive coaching feature” that will teach the driver how to drive most efficiently. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on this 90 mph, …

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Electricity from pavement

Researchers at the University of Rhode Island have identified four potential methods of harnessing energy from pavement.  If any were put into place, think of the massive electricity generation that could take place based on the shear amount of pavement in the U.S. Option 1 is to wrap flexible solar panels around the jersey barriers that separate lanes on highways.  Eh, lukewarm for me. Option 2 involves laying pipes in the pavement which absorbs massive heat in the summer.  Sometimes up to 140 degrees.  The researchers are thinking of piping the hot water to bridges to melt ice instead of trucks with salt.  They’re also thinking of piping the water to nearby buildings for consumption.  Personally, I am imagining the …

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