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New Concrete Road Surface Helps Purify Air

According to the Federal Highway Administration, Over 2,734,102 miles of paved roadways wind and weave their interconnected way throughout the U.S. from border to border, coast to coast. That is a lot of pavement lying around out there doing nothing but waiting to be driven over. What if all those miles of road were actively doing something rather than just lying there? If only the roads were paved with “air-purifying concrete.” One of the pollutants spewed into the atmosphere by cars and trucks is nitrogen oxide (NOx), which is responsible for acid rain and smog. Researchers in the Netherlands recently concluded the first outdoor highway test of a specially designed type of concrete that works to remove NOx from the …

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Google Invests Big in Wind Power

Right after investing $38.8 Billion (with a “B”), Google has purchased 20 years worth of wind energy from a company in Iowa.  If you ever wondered what it looked like to have more money than you know what to do with, investigate this growing company. Google began it’s commitment to become carbon neutral back in 2007 and announced on it’s blog today that the contract to purchase wind energy will power “several of it’s datacenters”. As with anything Google does, it did it big.  The deal is the first transaction by Google Energy, a subsidiary of Google with SEC approval to trade energy on the open market. So what does it cost Google actually consume in energy?  It uses half …

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Completely Unecessary BP Gaffe

Max Read over at Gawker noticed a very interesting issue with a recently released PB photo.  The image shows three men, diligently watching a ten-screen monitor bank with varying footage of the spill.  BP labeled this photo on their website “Houston Command Center”.  Sounds very official! The problem is, the image was photoshopped to add three images to blank screens.  The image meta data indicates the photo was taken in March of 2001 as well.  As Gawker puts it, their photographer either doesn’t know how to work their camera, or BP is downright lying. In addition to lying to the American public for the, ummm, bazillionth time this summer, it seems the lie was completely unnecessary.  Despite what some conference …

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