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How Green is Your Money?

Every day we make choices that not only shape our own experience, but impact other life around us and the world. Some of the most significant far-reaching choices involve how we choose to use money. And so we buy local. We buy organic and sustainably produced products and food. We support fair trade and patronize environmentally minded companies. Whenever we spend money we do so if at all possible in a way that reinforces our values and ideals. But what was that money supporting before it was spent? If it was saved in an account at a major bank like Bank of America, Citigroup or JP Morgan Chase, then it may well have been used to finance environmentally destructive projects …

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Gulf Oil Spill Discussion

I usually strive to bring readers cool, clever eco-innovations.  However I must take a quick break to discuss the Gulf Oil Spill which is monopolizing the news in the U.S. over the last month. Amidst heavy discussion stateside about domestic oil drilling, many opinions have surfaced.  Americans are deeply dependent on foreign oil.  That has not been much debated as the numbers support consumption.  We simply do not have enough oil drilling and processing capacity in the U.S., so we look to Middle Eastern countries to supplement our needs.  Americans consume vast amounts of oil per capita.  more so than most industrialized countries. Whether we have enough domestic supply to meet our needs is debatable, and debated consistently.  However whether …

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Gecko Glue: Scientists Look to Nature for New Adhesives

What can a gecko’s foot teach us about adhesives? After noticing the gecko’s unique ability to run up vertical surfaces and hold onto glass with just one toe, scientists at UC Berkeley’s Biomimetic Milisystems Lab are questioning the ways we think about superglue and duct tape. Animals have developed a plethora of ways to adhere to surfaces in their environment. Scientists once believed that this “stickiness” was accomplished by natural glues composed of sugars and oils in combination with hooked claws and light body weights. However, a closer look with a high-powered imaging and microscopic force sensors revealed that the gecko foot is covered with tiny hair-like structures called setae. These hairs split even further into tips with surfaces as …

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