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100+ steps to a green home

Steps toward a green home

The green movement is becoming less and less of a movement and more and more of a way of life.  We all want a green home, and there are lots of ways to get there.  We have sorted through the silly, the pointless and the too expensive to get down to the real ways to get a green home. Taking any number of these steps will help you transform your home into a thriving, environmentally friendly habitat. Buy Local Buy Organic Buy free range/cage-free Avoid packaging Do your research on products Insulate or additionally insulate your home Drive less Make your own cleaning products Wash clothes in cold water Get a dishwasher Convert to CFL bulbs from incandescent Avoid greenwashing …

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LED Traffic Lights are (almost) the perfect solution

We all know LED’s are better than regular bulbs due to their longer life, smaller energy consumption, less maintenance requirements and brighter light.  As municipalities start switching over to the more energy efficient technology, we are seeing a lot of benefits.  But road maintenance workers across the country have run into another problem they may not have anticipated. Because LED’s burn with less heat, keeping them free of ice and snow is a bit trickier.  Drivers are finding their traffic lights completely covered with blowing snow.  State’s like Wisconsin have converted 90% of their traffic lights to LED’s.  Whatever the solution, LED’s are a technology that is pivotal to our environmental progress.  We will find a way to make this …

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Eco-vending from a super green truck

If this thing’s dad was a roach coach, this apple fell far from the tree.  It is clean, shiny, eco-friendly, and carries good, healthy food!  They call it “EcoVending” (R) and it involves healthy, local food delivered all over Washington, D.C. Built on an American made GEM electric vehicle chassis, this green truck will deliver the above mentioned yummies almsot anywhere.  They’re also opening a few stationary locations in high-traffic areas around DC beginning at the Farragut North Metro Stop.  They’ve got a website, check it out here. Now that’s an eco-innovation!

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