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5 most over-used “go green tips”

Instead of a “top 5 ways to go green” list, which everyone seems to be doing, we thought it would be nice to share a list of what we feel are the most over-used tips for going green. Change to CFL bulbs. – Ugh! They used to be $10 each, now they’re $1. That’s all the motivation people need. Switch to low-flow faucets and showerheads. – Ok, we got it. Use the cold setting on washers and dryers. – This one’s a good tip, but still over-used. Turn down your thermostat. – This tip has been used as a money saving tips for probably 100 years. Carpool. – Ditto, seriously. It’s common sense folks.

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18 excellent green blogs to follow

These are some of our favorite blogs that deal with the climate crisis. We strive to bring you excellent resources to incorporate into your green lifestyle. If you have your own eco favorites, feel free to add them as comments below! Web Ecoist EcoGeek Grist Huffington Post Green EcoToolBox GreenBiz Treehugger (yes they’re corporate but have the muscle to report on new stories quickly) TheLittleGreenBlog The Go Green Blog Poor Planet Environmentastic! A bunch of greens Green Pepper EnviroWonk Triple Pundit Inhabitat Green Car Congress World Changing

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